There is this common saying among the fitness enthusiasts and the general fitness community that if you are feeling demotivated about hitting the gym, then you go even harder with zero excuses. In fact, we have all heard of the omnipresent hashtag #noexcuses. It’s rather funny that we are so wrapped up in this hard-core notion of being healthy that we tend to miss the fun. This is also when we lose the flavour and stop enjoying our workouts.

One thing that will continue a healthy progression and improvement in all areas of your life including fitness is doing what makes you come alive on a daily basis. There are ways to bring more fulfilment in your daily lives and reap better results in all areas of your life including fitness.

So how to do you find that flavour again. It’s simple. By aiming to be more aware. Practising just a few simple mindful exercises daily will give you better fitness result and align your daily life to be more gratifying.

Give Your Busy Mind A Yummy Time Out: In order to stay creative, we need to trigger neuroplasticity to be stimulated because it helps with brain growth. And how do we do that is by doing things out of the routine. If you wake up the same way every morning, try changing it for a week. Wake up with more awareness. Take slow sips of your smoothie in the morning and do 2 minutes of neck stretches before you go out the door.

Start Your Day With An Intention: Make a mindful connection with your breath. Inhale and exhale 5 times slowly before you run out of the door towards the gym. Set your intention for the entire day first thing in the morning. For example, set your intention to respect your body for working so well most of the days for you by allowing you to be able to lift and stay active. Simple gratitude intention can be very powerful in bringing better fitness results and more enthusiasm in your regimen.

Quiet The Mind: Ever sit down to meditate and all you hear is non stop the chatter in your brain? Welcome to an extremely busy mind. It seems like a giant impossible task to achieve but there are really good reasons and benefits to give it a try. Aiming to sit down even for a few minutes can profoundly change your life. Finding a space that is comfortable with no timer is a great start. Don’t worry so much about thoughts coming and going. The fact that you are attempting to even sit still and just breathe for a few minutes is incredible. The results and benefits extend to your mental and physical body tremendously.

Pay Attention To The Mind And Body Connection: When you are doing a physical activity that you enjoy—lifting weights, cycling, Bollywood Cardio, pilates, yoga; thinking about the muscles you are using in each type of exercise is a great way to create a mind-body connection. The way the cortex of a human brain works is that it sends messages to the muscles being engaged to repair and grow. This will be extremely effective if we are mindful and actually engaging in an active mind-body connection during our workouts. So, next time you do bicep curls- really think about how your bicep is flexing and contracting. This simple thought process will improve your results and your overall fitness experience.

The mind is a muscle and just like other muscles in our body, our mind can be exercised to heighten our connection to others and life in general. There are ample opportunities to bring more mindfulness in your day to help you live your best fitness and overall life.

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Punita Mangat is a health educator, fitness influencer, writer, Certified personal trainer, Certified Mindfulness and Yoga therapy Teacher in training with emphasis on leadership and a practicing Registered Dental Hygienists. My purpose is to motivate you to get curious and investigate your choices in life. I am on a mission to change the standard of mental and fitness standards and boost your motivation and mental state. Let’s be the best version of ourselves and do the work. For more fitness related advice follow me on Instagram @punitasala.


  1. Pathetic Staff at reception. They are sweet when you join, later on they threaten if you ask for anything. I gave my knee pads to my trainer as he requested the same and could not join gym after that. After some time when I called to ask them back, Danish was at reception said “milenge to dedeunga“ I told him ki free k nahi aaye the sir, trainer Ko bolo Dhunde. He thretned m ki tu jaanti nahi hai Mai kaun hu.


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