As an IT professional, to say that your daily schedule is hectic is an understatement. You skip breakfast on most days and go straight to battling the traffic, grab a coffee as soon as you reach the office and then it’s chaos from there. Even lunch usually comprises of a quick bite dribbling with fat to give you a sense of filling. The drive back home is exhausting so the moment you get home, you’d rather skip dinner and head straight back to bed; most times after checking your mails and answering calls. Such a routine will probably make you filthy rich, but unfortunately will not guarantee you a healthy life. You have a relationship with your laptop more than you do with yourself. Sitting hours together in front of the computer can cause eye, shoulder, hands, back problems and carpal tunnel syndrome (numbness and pain of hands and fingers).

If you think you‘re running short of time for exercises, squeezing in just a couple of minutes of yoga every morning will improve productivity at work and also provide a healthier lifestyle. The following are a few simple yoga exercises you can try.

Back bending

As IT professionals, most often you lean forward and work. This sedentary lifestyle hardly gives you the opportunity to exercise your spine, and breaks up its rigidity. Early in the morning or in between work, you could stand with legs apart and bend backwards with your palms resting on your waist. This position for a minute or two without straining yourself too much can relieve back pain problems and help attain a good posture.

back bending

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Eye exercises

Your eyes fixed on the screen most of the time, Eye Yoga can be a perfect way to relax your eyes. Without moving your head you could look up and down 5 times, then sideways for 5 times and then move your eyes in circles for 5 times. Rub your palms briskly to make them warm and by inhaling, place your palms on your eyes and exhale slowly. Remove your hands and blink a few times. The number of minutes to be followed can be consulted with a professional yoga instructor.Eye exercises


Lie back with the whole body rested on the floor. Legs and arms are to be slightly apart. Then with an inhale-exhale process, the rising and falling of the chest and abdomen is felt. After around 15 minutes, the asana is released by deepening the breath and reaching the arms above the head. Then the knees are bought towards the chest, and by rolling over to the side, you take a foetal position, and then slowly sit. This yoga pose helps to reduce anxiety and stress which is the most common reason for stroke. As IT professionals, work tension is inevitable, and the health dangers arising due to that can be avoided by practising this asana. There are various levels in this asana that should be explored under the guidance of a professional yoga instructor.


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Apart from the above poses, there are many more that will relax you. By starting your day with a 30 minute yoga session, you can lead a stress-free life. Routine practice of yoga can also increase productivity at work, make you feel energetic and help you develop a positive attitude towards life, eventually encouraging you to lead a healthier, and fitter lifestyle. First step — look for a yoga centre near you!

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