You are running on the treadmill… dun, dun, dun, dun, dun…while listening to your favourite track when suddenly your right hand violently comes in contact with the wires of your headphone. Before you know it, this unexpected movement has yanked the wires right off the 3.5mm jack of your phone, flooding the gym with the melodious sound of “Tu, lagawelu jab lipistic, hilela Arrah district” and scandalising your fellow gym goers! Yep, we have all been there and you know what we did….we switched to wireless headphones and so should you! You ask why? Here are 5 reasons:

No More Wires:

You know what’s more complicated than the plot of Interstellar? Untangling your headphone wires! One moment they are sitting innocently in your pockets, the next moment your left earpiece is violently making love to your right earpiece and it’s near impossible to separate the two! Not so in the case of your wireless headphones where the left earpiece is sanskaari enough to maintain a respectable distance from your right earpiece, thus, saving you from the painful experience of untangling them every time you step onto the treadmill.

Their Batteries Last Longer Than Amaron:

Naysayers have always been worried about the battery life of wireless headphones. Well, no longer! Today, we have headphones on the market that will comfortably last you 40 hours of usage with just one charge. If this isn’t enough, many wireless headphones come bundled with a spare wire too just in case the charge does run out.

You Can Buy A Pair And Still Keep Both Your Kidneys:

Once upon a time, wireless headphones were treated with the same feeling that people reserve for iPhone X and it’s owners…disdain! Not anymore. Today, you can get a perfectly respectable wireless headphone for as low as Rs.2000 only! Not at all a bad deal given the alternative of exposing the gym to your (dubious?) musical tastes and the subsequent permanent ban!

Last Longer Than Your Relationships:

Wired headphones are a strange beast. No matter how carefully you keep them, one fine day one of the headphones (usually it is the left one) will stop working. Just like that. So unless you want to spend the rest of the duration feeling like Nick Fury but from your left ear, we suggest you go wireless.

Goodbye Jack:

If you have seen Titanic…of course you have seen Titanic…well you will remember the highly controversial scene of Rose (Kate Winslet) letting go of Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) despite there being enough space on the plank for both of them. This is exactly what the smartphone industry is going through right now with half the brands offering the 3.5mm jack and the other half removing it. The answer to this turmoil in the industry is the wireless headphone.  Most wireless headphones come armed with the latest Bluetooth technology as well as NFC so that jack or no jack, your headphones still connect to your smartphone.

So here you are, with five insane reasons on why you should ditch your wired headphones and go pick up some wireless ones. We highly recommend headphones from the reputable brands. They might be slightly on the higher end of the price spectrum but they more than make up for it with their longevity and sound quality. So what’s your wired headphone story? Comment below and let us know!


  1. I got used to wireless headphones for a long time, now I can’t even imagine how I used to have a gis with wired headphones. This is very convenient, you are right. How do you feel about magnetic headphones? In the past few years, flat magnetic headphones have been introduced by many audio equipment manufacturers. Almost all of them were large, above the ear structures, which complement the driver’s layered design.

  2. A very humorous article! I literally laughed reading “Tu, lagawelu jab lipistic, hilela Arrah district” line. I cannot imagine that song playing out loud during the workout that too accidentally. LOL!


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