Salman Khan has been in the news off late and not exactly for the best reasons. But love him or hate him, you cannot ignore the fact that in the last three decades during which Bhai has graced the silver screen, he has mouthed some of the coolest dialogues in Hindi cinema ever! Widely usable across a whole range of spectrum in life, we have collected 5 of his most famous dialogues and given them a twist so that fitness freaks like you can find use them at the right place and the right time. Ready? Here we go!

1. “Ek Baar Maine Commitment Kardi Toh Phir Mein Apne Aap Ki Bhi Nahi Sunta”

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The perfect occasion to use this dialogue is every time that annoying non-gym going-blasphemer comes around with a plate of biryani in one hand and a coke in another. When they shamelessly offer you that heinous meal, throw this dialogue at them!

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2. “Mujhpar Ek Ehsaan Karna Ki Mujhpar Koi Ehsaan Mat Karna.”

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Picture this, your gym–crush is working out right next to you when your trainer pops by. Instead of quietly minding his own business, this trainer immediately starts working on you right then and there! Perfect time to throw this dialogue at that rascal’s face!

3. “Zindagi Mein Teen Cheezein Kabhi Underestimate Nahi Karna – I, Me And Myself”

Salman Khan Dialogues
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The perfect comeback for the now legendary dialogue, “Beta, tumse na ho payega”, add this dialogue to your arsenal. Every time some chump comes around to tell you what you can or cannot do…lock, load and fire!

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4. “Muscle Dekha Hai Muscle? Masal Ke Rakh Doonga!”

Salman Khan Dialogues
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What is the use of having a 20-inch biceps if you can’t shove it in someone’s face to put them back in place? Used equally effectively both inside and outside the gym, a precondition is that you actually have the goods to show for it…else we really hope you have an amazing health insurance!

5. “Swagat Nahi Karoge Hamara?”

Salman Khan Dialogues
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Making a comeback to the gym after a long break? Wear the coolest pair of glares, ride down the street in that badass iron beast of your and enter the arena with some kickass vibes and this gangsta dialogue. Slay it…Bhai style!

So there we go, five amazing Sallu-Bhai dialogues to set your gym on fire (perhaps even literally, if done right). Use them well and use them cautiously!

Think we are missing out on some more gems? Comment below and let us know!


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