Pssst…you…yes you…the foodie on diet! Are you searching for reasons to lay your hands on that delicious chocolate cake? Has your fitness trainer become the Amrish Puri of your life who won’t allow you to ‘Jee ley your Zindagi’?

Here are 5 damn good reasons that will not only convince your Bauji aka fitness trainer but will also have the full backing of you Maaji aka nutritionist!

1. Breaking The Monotony!

Just like your friends who update “I HATE MONDAY!” statuses on Facebook every week, your body too gets bored with the healthy meal. But unlike your friends who can vent on the internet, your body cannot. This is why it is important to break this monotony with an occasional cheat meal. Otherwise, all your body’s dietary frustration will manifest itself as our next point which is…

2. Those Damn Cravings

This is especially true if you are a beginner. Just like that overgrown cousin who still acts like a 3-year-old, your body too has been used to a lot of pampering and not much rough and tough activities. So when you suddenly take away all the burgers, cookies and replace it with boiled chicken and broccoli, your body will throw tantrums in the form of cravings. Once you start getting cravings, rest assured, your diet plan is in mortal danger because, well, your body has a way of getting things done. This is why the cheat meal is an essential tool to fool your body into thinking it’s still in control!

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3. Science-Waainse Tey Chicken Masala

Guess who else endorses cheat meals apart from your hungry tummy? Science! You may not have heard of this quaint little protein called Leptin but a fall in the leptin levels is the prime reason on why your body has the aforementioned food cravings.  In fact, Gympik’s very own  expert dietitian and Nutrition consultant, Sujetha Shetty says,  “Being on a too strict diet over the time can lead to calorie deprivation, this results in scarcity in your leptin levels and cravings for unhealthy food.”  She adds,  “Occasional indulgence in carb or fat-rich meals can help boost the leptin levels and maintain the body’s energy levels.

4. Keeping Up The Josh

Ever worked super hard for that promotion you always wanted? That’s exactly what cheat meal is to your body! Every weekday, even as you hit the gym and then force-feed yourself the plates of boiled chicken and egg whites, your body is constantly craving for a hike in the taste of food and the coveted foreign posting to the lands of doughnuts and chocolate mousse. The definite knowledge that there will be a cheat meal is what will keep you going!

5. Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji

All nutrition and biology aside, how about this simple reason that we are all kids at heart? Even if your name is Amrish Puri! In fact, even the fittest athletes and actors admit that they look forward to the cheat days for the simple reason that a chocolate brownie taste a lot better than boiled cabbage and a glass of hot chocolate feels a lot better than a bowl of carrot soup! In fact, what’s the point of being healthy if you cannot be happy by letting go of everything even once a week?

Train Nikalne Se Pehle Wali Advice…

Like all good things in life, cheat meals too come with terms and conditions attached (sigh!).  While it is true that once in a while you should help yourself to a slice of cake, it doesn’t mean you should have the whole cake followed by burger and pizza and a biryani in one go! Instead, like Master Shifu, you have to exercise control on a cheat meal, like Po did.

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Start by controlling your portion size and what you eat. Treat sugar and saturated fat such as Samosa, Kachori, Vada Pav like Dhinchak Pooja and Omprakash Mishra respectively, i.e. stay as far away as possible. In fact, we suggest you cook your favourite cheat meal at home, most recipes are easily available with us, click here. Last but not the least restrict the number of cheat meals you have! You aren’t fooling anyone except yourself by having butter chicken every third day!

And now for our parting words….

Kha le Jee ley apni zindagi!


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