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You are in your Tabata class and a set of jumping jacks is hammering your chest: with your boobs wiggling, spilling, and making you feel uncomfortable. A comfortable sports bra is as important as training your muscles the right way else, you either get hurt, or don’t enjoy your workout. It doesn’t take an expert to identify the problems a wrong bra can cause. Not that we are talking something very new, but this needs to be told, taken as a piece of advice and act upon it!

First thing first

Wearing the right bra is choosing the right soulmate! Whether you are curvy, lean, or moderate, a right bra cannot be an option, it’s a mandatory for women of all shape or size. While the right bra can make you feel light like a feather and give you wings, a wrong sports bra can easily crumple your image, cause unnecessary discomfort, and scathe your confidence. Not to forget, the waned motivation when you think of wearing that improper bra and working out in front of the gym crowd. The idea behind choosing the right sports bra is to get better support and comfort while performing excruciating workouts; surely you don’t want any additional pain while you are in pain, already!

Give your Assets the right Care by noting down these points to choose your right size and style:

Cup Size: Knowing the right size and right fit of your sports bra make you win half the battle. According to Zivame, most of the women don’t know their right size and have no idea about what the right fit is, hence they end up wearing the wrong size sports bra and that’s the reason why women get breast pain and end up damaging the tissue around the breasts. To get a quick trial for your cup size, scoop your breasts in and place them in cent re. They should rest comfortably inside and not spill out of the carved domain of the bra. Spillage indicates you need a bigger cup size and wrinkled fabric around your breasts indicates you need a smaller size.

Get your measurements right

Style: Yes, you need different bras for different workouts. The intensity of the workout will differ depending on the activity you are doing; a perfect styled bra can give you optimum support and comfort, be it in the dance class, or while you are torching your calories in TRX, or Body combat. It is important to note about the level of compression and impact level while you are choosing any sports bra for high intensity workout. To make your life easier, Zelocity by Zivame has amazing sports bra collection covers all that you need to perform your workout smoothly and enjoy fitness to the fullest. Its high impact bras with dual layers prevent bounce, support & shape your breasts, its flat seams are great for non-chafe comfort and less bulky finish.

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Impact-Level and compression

Fabric: The fabric matters as much as the fit. While working out, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable due to extra sweat, or chafed. Zivame’s Zelocity comes to the rescue when you are looking for something that keeps you dry and fresh from within while you concentrate on your workout to get the best out of it. Fabrics with insta-dry qualities for moisture wicking and quick evaporation, high breathability and anti-odour property, elastane blended for stretch and shape retention can actually make your workout seem like a cake-walk.

Cup size of your bra

Band: The right way to check whether the band fits you or not, is to put two fingers between the band of your sports bra and your body. You know it’s a good fit when your two fingers fit perfectly, but not too tightly or too loosely. If the band snugs around your ribs, it is an indication that you are choosing the right size. Wider bands come with more support and less wriggling apart from giving you extreme compression, hugged fit and high-impact feel during workout.


Shoulder Straps: The two-finger rule is applicable here as well. While checking the shoulder straps, make sure your shoulder straps are falling comfortably enough and are not too tight or too loose. If you are thinking tighter shoulder straps will give you better support, think again! The designer behind Zivame’s activewear, Zelocity says that, loose straps will fail to give the support you are looking for and the tighter ones will make your breathing really difficult while anchoring down your skin near your shoulders.


Closure: If you trust more on the pull over bras, it’s time for you to explore the goodness of front zipper closure bras and the ones that have back closure with hooks. Apart from giving your assets the perfect definition with flat seams, non-chafe comfort, elastane blend for stretch and shape retention, they allow you to further fine-tune the fit, shape, and prevent bounce.


Wiring: Well, bras that come with underwire have an amazing benefit to hold each your breasts separately, give the required support to avoid spillage and bounce. The best way to choose your sports bra, if you prefer the ones with underwire, you need to see the underwire falls against the rib cage, just underneath your breasts. Try moving with the bra on and see if each breast is covered fully, no spillage, and it should not poke your skin. If you experience any of these, try reconsidering the next size.

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Workout is essential to make a change in your lifestyle, to unfold the best of you; but we also know how wrong bra can actually mess up with the workout and make everything look painfully chaotic. You shouldn’t think about your breasts while working out, but that’s what wrong bra does to your body and mind. Hope this article helps you find the right bra to make your workout fruitful and effective. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Like and share this article with your friends and we will come up with more such interesting topics. We’ll see you on the other side, till then, stay fit stay happy!



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