You must have played the game – Mario, right? Remember the mushrooms Mario used to bump into to get energy and protect himself? That’s pretty much how immunity works in your favour. If you have good immunity you can easily get over flu or even a pandemic causing virus, like Covid-19 without much difficulty. Immunity acts like a resistance shield to protect your body from foreign organisms. That’s why it’s super important for you to keep your immunity high at all costs.

Mistakes That Weaken Your Immunity: 

These are things that you need to stop doing right away to raise your immunity level with ease. We are going to talk a lot about your daily habits and gut health because that’s what impacts your immunity the most.

Intake Of Junk Or Processed Foods

We know how difficult it is to cut down on your cravings, many people even incentivize themself with pizzas and cheeseburgers on their cheat days. Now it may sound like the best thing to do but a diet with high carbs, sugar, and salt is not helping your body or immunity even one bit. Studies say that the intake of junk food depletes the good bacteria in your gut allowing the bad bacterias to do worse. Studies say that junk food creates an imbalance of microbiome in the gut that causes inflammation and results in poor immune function. The over intake of sugar, salt, and fats in junk food restricts the growth of good bacteria that helps to produce a fatty acid called butyrate (butyric acid) which works to reduce inflammation in your gut. 

Enjoying Party Drinks Way Too Much

Drinking alcohol has become a part of lifestyle for many and there’s nothing gravely wrong about it. But the problem comes when you don’t draw the line between casual drinking and daily indulgence. Having a heavy limit of alcohol disrupts the balance of the microbes in your body. The good bacteria from your body get flushed out while the bad bacteria enter your bloodstream making you feel sick. Yes, the phrase “feeling sick to my gut” is a legit biological thing. So if you’re aiming at keeping your immunity high, you better put a limit on your pegs.


Aren’t you hating this article already for pointing out everything that you (possibly) love doing? Well, such is life! Studies say that smoking causes excess buildup of mucous in your respiratory tract, thus exhausting your lungs in pushing out toxins. This makes you more susceptible to infection caused by virus, bacteria or other antigens. Smoking also restricts the growth of antibodies in your blood. Now, you wouldn’t soo many things going wrong inside your body especially when your immunity is low, correct? The magical word is “QUIT”.

Being A Couch Potato

If you look around you and you could only see comfy spots 24 hours a day, you’re doing it all wrong. It’s a known fact that working out helps you to keep sickness at bay. We’ll tell you how it works – for basics – when you workout your body temperature increases which helps in preventing the growth of infections. Working out also helps to increase antibodies and WBC (white blood cells) which helps to fight against infection and bacterias. A recent case study on immunology suggests that an aerobic exercise of fewer than 60 minutes stimulates the innate immune cells that improve the resistance to pathogens and cancer cells. (Interesting, right?) 

Bonus information: Doing daily workout strengthens your immune system cells and delays the course of age-related immune dysfunctionality. That’s like a cheat code for extending youth, who would say no to that? 

Over Stressing

We can’t stress enough on the fact that stress doesn’t help in any situation, not denying that a stress-free life is a thing of euphoria. Chronic stress and being tense release adrenaline and cortisol hormones in your body that eventually lowers down your immunity. The best way to tackle this is to give yourself just 1 hour in a day think about everything that’s bothering you. Make a note of this and in the rest of your productive hours tackle your problems with calm. Keeping yourself away from anxiety triggering situations will also work in your favour.

How To Strengthen The Immune System?

Lucky for us, boosting the immune system isn’t very difficult: 

  1. Start exercising or involve yourself in physical activities
  2. Eat your greens and nuts 
  3. Include food items in your diet that are rich in Vitamin C & A 
  4. Get a good amount of sleep 
  5. Maintain good hygiene to avoid infections 
  6. Start addressing your chronic stress 
  7. Take 15-20 mins of sunlight as Vitamin D is a great immunity booster 

Hope you all are strong and secure. Share this article with your folks and comment down if you have more suggestions to strengthen immunity. 


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