It’s 2019, you sailed through the highs and lows last year had to offer you; it’s time to rejoice as there is so much potential, so many opportunities and surprises awaiting for you in the coming 365 days! Now look back, think about the days you’ve been thankful for something. Life is full of moments that make us feel more human, if you look closely there are so many things that we consciously ignore but they are an opportunity to grow mentally and emotionally- we call them hardships or tag them as ‘problems’. Well, they are problems if we get too carried out by them, but if we try to focus on the solutions, they might not look as bad, what say! Little things in life bring enormous chances to change our perspective, our vision, and twirl our lives 360 degrees for better; they are blessings in disguise and we should be proud of ourselves for being able to handle these. Acknowledging the smaller things and being thankful will make you appreciate little things in life and help you to find happiness even in the smallest things.

American author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and life coach Tony Robbins says, “Problems are the gifts that make us dig out and figure out who we are, what we’re made for, and what we’re responsible to give back to life.”


Following are the 25 ways of celebrating gratitude in your life and these are the minimal things that you miss out noticing in the chaos of life:

  1. Be thankful for having  your family, they’re your primary cheerleaders and your most comfortable bed when you fall back.


  1. For your friends for always having your back. They are the ones who take your rants, cribs and still love you for the way you are.


  1. For your ability to read and understand, for it keeps providing you with knowledge and helps you grow.


  1. For your freedom to make mistakes and take wrong decisions on your road to self-improvement.


  1. For experiencing the warm touch of sun in a cold winter morning, for being able to experience the ecstasy of holding a handful of raindrops and feel the exquisiteness of it, being able to see and feel the beauty of nature all around.


  1. For being able to enjoy the sight of never-tired-ocean-waves, that helps you to connect with your inner-self and makes you believe that problems are tinier than the ocean and you can overcome it.


  1. For being able to have access to your favorite music that re-energizes you and helps you put  in a better mood, making you cry when you really need to, and making your dance to your heart’s content.


  1. For the failures that grounded you every time and encouraged you to stand up  stronger and be the best version of yourself.


  1. For the sunsets to make you believe that everything comes to an end and with each sunrise there’s always a new beginning.


  1. For the spiritual and self-actualization abilities that you’ve developed over the years.


  1. For all those spontaneous and serendipitous situations that make you feel like life isn’t bad and with faith, everything falls into the right place.


  1. For those sad days when  anxiety creeps in, reminding  you to keep fighting harder to find peace of mind, balance, and happiness.


  1. For the artists, who endlessly follow their passion to make this world a place of arts and beauty.


  1. Be thankful to the people you’ve dated, as they taught you one good thing that you never experienced before meeting them.


  1. For the hot showers, as it makes you evaluate your life decisions while you wash away your stress and come out much calmer after every shower.


  1. For the ridiculously funny friends who lighten up the atmosphere just with their presence.


  1. Be thankful to your health, for allowing you to work on weekdays and sloshed on weekends while still making you feel alright.


  1. For your job, it brushes your abilities while paying your bills.


  1. For your home, whether it’s a rented apartment or a mansion; as long as you have a place to call home you have all the reasons to be grateful.


  1. For the books you read, that open a vista of knowledge, an imaginative gateway to explore the world of unknown and imagination.


  1. Be grateful for being emotionally active, it’s a gift to feel everything so deeply.


  1. For the inspirational quotes and poems we come across, that strikes a chord with the feelings we fail to put in words.


  1. For our four-legged friends and beloved pets who shower the purest and  unconditional form of love.


  1. For the gloomy days, as they makes us evaluate our self and appreciate the happy days.


  1. For being able to love unconditionally, bless people whole heartedly, and do things that you love doing.


Happiness does not depends only on what you want or desire in your life, it’s about loving what you have and being grateful for it. The best way to live your life with joy is to learn to be thankful for what you already have, while you pursue all that you wish for. Share this with your loved ones to start your journey of gratitude one day at a time.



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