We all live in a very stressful and taxing world, with a hundred different things going on at once and a lot of pressure on us to perform to the required standard. What is more, we now have a much stronger understanding of how the mind works and what the effects of stress and anxiety can be on us.

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It can seem like a difficult, if not an impossible task, to maintain a steady and healthy mindset. But it is really important that we do. The mind controls our body and its influence on our physical health and ability to go about our lives can’t be overstated. So, you ought to be tending to it well. With that said, here are some ways to do just that.

Physical Activity

A slightly unusual place to begin, when talking about mental well being I admit. But the connection between our physical health and mental health are deeply related though we tend to ignore the fact how a half an hour of physical activity every day can bring a positive impact on our mind. There are physiological reasons why exercise is so important, for example. Exercise increases blood flow which helps to oxygenate the brain, plus it releases endorphins, the brain’s happy pills.

In general, being active makes you happier when compared to lounging on the couch all day. It makes you feel great about yourself, increases your confidence, the happy hormones make you happier after completing your workout and it may even connect you to people which is always a great thing for the mind and it eliminates some physical pains that may be bothering you. 

Eat Well

What goes into your body directly impacts your brain. The specific nutrients that you feed your body will greatly influence everything from your overall mood to your ability to multitask. The brain being an energy-intensive organ that uses almost 20 per cent of the body’s calories, it is immensely important to fuel it with the nutrients that keep the brain healthy and functioning. The foods that make the brain function in the right way, build and repair brain cells, and reduce stress and inflammation in brain cells. Eating well also means that your body will stay fit so you will have a healthy body image and this will make you happier.

Train Your Brain

Just like how you might have a fitness regime for your body, your brain needs a similar kind of attention to. Brain training can be vital for maintaining the state of your mind and improving things like memory, attention span and reflexes. It can also help you avoid or combat the signs of old age later in life, as well as any degenerative illnesses. Brain training can mean all sorts of things, from learning new and challenging brain training games and tests to taking on a new challenge, like learning a language or learning to draw, picking up a new hobby or anything that keeps your brain learn something new and improve the brain functions.

Another method of brain training is practicing meditation and mindfulness. This keeps the mind calm under stress and improves the quality of your life in general. 

Monitor Your Substances

Substances can have a huge impact on your mind and have to be watched very carefully. In fact, most substances are specifically engineered to alter your mood temporarily. But they all require moderation and understanding. Caffeine, alcohol, antidepressants, and stimulants are all potential dangers in singular large doses, many of them actually leading to death. In moderation, they are mostly ok, but frequent consumption is dangerous to your mind and body. Being addicted to caffeine, for example, will take a toll on the well being of your mind, making it impossible for you to be alert or in a good mood without a cup of coffee. Alcohol and drugs have even worse consequences.

Connect With Others

Maintaining relationships, maintaining human contact is really important to your well being. In this digital age, face to face interaction can be rare and, for some of us, non-existent. 

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Communication is a vital part of our mental health and overall well being. Effective communication and sharing our thoughts with like-minded people is an act of connecting and it’s so important when we feel shut down and facing any type of challenge in our lives. Of course, when you are an introvert, this can be the last thing you need. But it can also be very good for you if you do it properly. Find people that really suit you and make you happy. You don’t have to go to parties or loud places, but you can have a cup of coffee with a friend or two or you can have a nice lunch with your parents or siblings. It’s very important for every human being to have human contact.

Even if the interaction does end up making you tired, the alone time you get after that will be even more enjoyable and perfect for you.


The old saying ‘A healthy body, is a healthy mind’ rings very true, and so much of your mental well being will be attributed to that. But beyond that, these should give you a few ways to keep on top of your brain and make sure that it stays happy and healthy.


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