It’s the time when your weight is sort of creeping upon you and before you know it, your favourite dress becomes a tad too tight for you! Yeah, if you are in a situation when your pretty dress looks like it is going to burst into smithereens at any second, you know that it’s time to work up your body and shed those extra flabs! So, here we are to tell you how weight training can change your body the way it looks and give you a more chiselled and sculpted body. Game for it? Read on to know more about weight training for ladies!

Weight Training – First Thing First

First of all, if you have been scouting for information regarding weight training and got to know all the wrong sides of it, then we request you to abandon all your thoughts and look at it afresh! For all the women out there, lifting those cute little pink dumbbells isn’t going to take you anywhere as long as gaining lean muscles and curvaceous body are concerned. Thankfully, there are lesser hullabaloo about weight training in women these days and a group of fairer sex has proved their mettle in lifting heavy and flaunt what proper weight training can bestow. From Deepika Padukone to Gal Gadot swear by the goodness of it. do you have any reason not to trust them?

weight training for ladies

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Importance of Sets and Reps in Weight Training

While following a strength training plan, you need to follow the basic and most fundamental principles about lifting weights, which is to do an exercise for three to four sets with a heavier weight maintaining low reps (up to ten). Immediately after that, you should perform another exercise that focuses on the same muscle, for four more sets with up to 12-15 reps, which is slightly higher reps with comparatively lighter weight. While performing the workouts, you should take rest for a couple of minutes between heavy sets and less than a minute rest between the lighter sets.

arms workout for ladies

How Does Weight Training Works

Lifting heavy weights following the right techniques can get you best results, indubitably. Following the heavy and then light weight lifting idea tires your muscles and when you target the same muscle with lighter weights, your muscles feel exhausted and hence, burn more calories that eventually help you get a leaner body, improves stamina and endurance. You might not always observe an immediate change or huge reduction in weight but you might see a considerable inch-loss. With building muscles, your body fat decreases, and you burn more calories, fat, and gain more strength.

body fat reducing exercises for ladies

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Importance of Nutrition for Ladies

Since weight training can leave you in a state of being calorie depleted, you need to focus on your diet depending on the kind of result you are expecting. With a right diet that consists high protein, a good balance of good fats, carbs and fiber, one can build lean muscles. Moreover, you may ask your dietician for any supplements that can give you an extra dose of nutrition, help you cut down body fat and build muscles.


So, the idea is to make your muscles feel the burn by bringing the resting time to minimal when you are lifting heavy weights and increasing the reps when you are lifting lighter weights. This will exhaust your muscles while improving the growth and cutting down more fats to lean out your body. So, the next time you hit the gym, you know how to make your time worthwhile, right!

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  9. Your breakdown of different weightlifting techniques and their benefits is like a mini masterclass for women looking to amplify their fitness journey. It’s clear that you’re not just promoting lifting weights but advocating for a more inclusive approach to strength training for women.


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