A workout form that requires a lot of precision and control over both mind and body – yes, we are talking about Pilates! It’s a great change for anybody who’s bored of hitting the gym. Pilates gets you sexy abs, boosts your sexual drive, improves your flexibility, strength, and even betters your concentration level. A total body workout, Pilates has a lot of benefits, and has gained a lot of popularity among both men and women. Nevertheless, there are a lot of myths about it. So, here we are again to clear the air and bust 6 of the very common myths related to Pilates.

Myth 1: Yoga and Pilates are the same!

Fact: Though Yoga and Pilates may seem similar, they are both very different. If you look closely, you’ll see that Pilates has a very different approach when compared to Yoga. The forms, movements, breathing techniques are poles apart! While Yoga is restricted to mat, Pilates literally keeps you moving. Also a variety of equipments are used in Pilates.

Yoga and Pilates are not the same.

Myth 2: In Pilates, only your core is worked on.

Fact: Absolutely wrong! Pilates is not just for your core. It’s a complete body workout. All your muscle groups are worked on like crazy. It’s not really an isolated workout form and so your muscles are toned and conditioned; in fact your internal organs are massaged too. The other benefits of Pilates include improved bone strength, better movement control, and higher muscle endurance – all this for your whole body. And you thought it was only for your core! *sigh!*Pilates works your entire body.

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Myth 3: Pilates is not really challenging.

Fact: Are you kidding? If you thought Pilates is too plain and simple, then sorry to break it to you but it definitely is not! Pilates is a very dynamic form of workout that has a lot of different movements which need to be done with a great deal of balance and control. Pilates is not only physically challenging but is also a great form of mental workout! Why don’t you give a shot at a Pilates session and see for yourself? And don’t forget to pick a class that’s at par with your current fitness levels.Pilates can be challenging!

Myth 4: Pilates is exclusively designed for women.

Fact: It is, in fact, for anybody and everybody! For both men and women alike. Pilates has a lot of workouts that require you to lift your pelvis off the floor. These workouts strengthen your pelvic muscles, lower abdominal muscles, and core that help women in conceiving and also during delivery. But here’s a catch! Pilates also boosts your sexual drive. So, dear men, tell us, don’t you want to be good in bed? Oh and by the way, Pilates was first designed and introduced to the world by Joseph Pilates (A man!) and a lot of male athletes practice this form of workout.Pilates is for everybody!

Myth 5: Pilates is only for the young.

Fact: Remember, we just said that anybody and everybody can do it? Well, we weren’t lying! Pilates is one workout form that can be practiced by people of all ages – young to old. In fact, you’d notice that a lot Fitness Centres would have Pilates session that are specifically for the older people. Pilates is also beneficial for people with health issues like knee injuries, arthritis, chronic back aches, and also helps in recovering from any other injuries. Ain’t only for the young now, is it?

Pilates is not only for the young.

Myth 6: To do Pilates, you need to be super flexible.

Fact: There you go again! Pilates is actually a workout form that works on bettering your flexibility. There’s no hard and fast rule that you need to be fit as a fiddle with the flexibility of rubber to do Pilates. Just get a good instructor and you minimize any injury while benefiting yourself. Regular practice will ensure that all aspects of your health are taken care of – all the way from toning and conditioning to better flexibility and strength.Pilates improves your flexibility

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So, now since we have busted 6 extremely common Pilates myths, would you want to give it a shot? Believe us, you’ll love it and be super surprised at the amazing benefits that you’ll get. Get fit and feel great with Pilates. If you found this article interesting, then don’t forget to hit the like and share button. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and keep visiting for more informative posts!


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