The Heart of the Nutrition Issue

This is not a sermon or a guide about what kind of foods are good or bad, how much and what to eat and when you should eat it. It’s just a basic hello to nutrition and about busting some of those myths that pass-off as facts. In our pursuit of good health, we tend to get all our concepts about nutrition mixed-up in our food-cloaked minds. Everyone wants to be healthy and eat right but many also don’t know how to get food facts right.

The Heart of the Nutrition Issue

Eating right is a lot about conditioning our minds. It’s about veering away from the frozen and processed food aisles and gravitating towards the fresh fruit and vegetable sections of the supermarket. It’s about giving up fizz, caffeine and sugar and dusting the cobwebs off the juicer that is languishing on your kitchen counter. So, let’s take off those fast-food tinted glasses and look at food through the nutrition microscope.


The Building Blocks

Nutrition helps the body function at optimum levels and ensures you stay healthy. The body gains its supply of nutrition from the range of foods we eat. Not only does it provide us with energy to carry out our daily activities, it also helps us build our immune system that keeps toxins, bacteria and viruses away. Every single component of our food plays a unique and vital role in maintaining our health. Fats and carbohydrates provide the body with energy, minerals strengthen your teeth and bones and protein is what can give you those ripped muscles. Fresh vegetables and fruits of various hues are packed with vitamins and are the anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory components of our diet.


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The Power of Nourishment

A well-balanced diet and nutritive foods help in sustaining our health, give our body the strength to fight diseases and also add to longevity. The human body is highly dependent on nutrition for sustenance and it plays a key role at every stage of our lives. This is what repairs the tissues and cells in our body and helps in regeneration of damaged cells as well. Nourishing food adds vitality and energy and helps in weight management too. It gives our immune system a definite boost and improves sports performance. It also helps in keeping fatigue and tiredness at bay and enhances brain function and the ability to concentrate.

Power of nourishment

The Balancing Act

The thumb rule is not to rule out anything completely from your diet. Nature has created different natural foods in order that you eat them- but we prefer to order the extra large burgers and mountain-load of fries. Excuse yourself from all those fast foods because not only do they come to your table very fast- they settle in your body equally fast as well. Go easy on heavy foods like breads and red meats and switch to white meats instead. Drop the oils, sugary, and creamy products. Opt for organic and fresh veggies and fruits. Eggs are good for you but be judicious with the quantity you eat. Shun the coffee and guzzle on fresh fruit juices instead. The key to maintaining good health is to maintain a balanced diet. And what’s more, you will love the way nutritive and low-calorie food will keep those love-handles at bay.The Balancing Act

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Don’t Pass-Up on Good Health

And yes, all the statistics just leave those aside for the moment. Don’t give in to unhealthy eating, don’t give up on good nutrition- control your mind and train your palate. And even as you indulge in your occasional infidelities with food embark upon a life-long affair with right nutrition and good health.


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