Wake up to your alarm. Snooze. Repeat till your eyes manage to see the morning and then turn the alarm off. Scroll through social media networks right from your bed and roll out of your bed. Rush for your routine, coffee and out of the door. Stressed already to reach work on time. Huh!

Early morning routines are the most important habit any individual can have. Whether you choose to maintain some good habits or not they are actually affecting your life, your being and your mental state. But all said and done, having and maintaining a morning discipline that doesn’t bore you can become a daunting task. So how does one get rid of the most common excuse – “I don’t have time”?

It’s not difficult to have snooze-proof morning tweaks. To start with, beginning your day right is important. So make it fun, agile, interactive and engaging. Our brain is a super organ that works a lot more than what we do. So instead of dawdling every morning, here are 10 fun ways to smile at the sunshine EVERYDAY!

1. Start With Yourself– In our hustle for material wants, we hardly make time to first identify who we are. Not by professional qualifications but by individuals. So spend some quiet time and pen down the hidden dimensions that define you. What is it that could make you fall in love with yourself more each day and stuff that is not yet discovered?

2. Exercise – No matter what, exercise cannot be ruled out. Your early morning routine for about 45 mins can charge you up for the day like nothing else. I would always personally recommend a blend of dance and basic set of workouts. That’s fun and also rhythmic. If you are comfortable with yoga, go for it. Have a partner with you and your favourite music in the background to set you up.

3. Health Drinks – So many of us want food as the first thing in the morning. That in fact is a great way to good health. So add some more effort and make it nutritious. Choose a fruit and vegetable that compliments your deficiency or a bodily need. Make a list for a week or two and sip something new each day.

4. ‘I Love to-do’ list – We struggle to find time to identify with activities that are most engaging and productive for us. Who better than you would know that. So once a week, it’s a good idea to have a no screen time and list down some things to do (outdoor, indoor, interests) with the help of a pen and paper. Yes please a pen and a paper.

5. Go For Morning Walks – Get out of your bed, then get out of your house too. Take a walk and explore the bylanes. Start early and try capturing the beauty around you. It could be any subject that interests you.

6. Meditate – Reflection and introspection can alter the way we see and perceive situations and people in our lives. For the better of course. Take the help of early morning hues and find some captivating shades of your life that makes your life picture all the more worthy.

7. King sized breakfast – Never ever fail to treat yourself with a breakfast early morning. It’s the most important meal of the day. For a reason. It breaks the all night fast and prepares your body to pick up the daily chores. So all that you eat has enough time and tasks through the day to digest your food and assimilate all the energies in productive ways. Treat this as an investment activity for better health and consciously pick your options.

8. Color Code your Day (Schedule) – You’ll be amazed to learn how beautifully colors can impact our brains, emotions and thoughts. Create a habit of making a list of what your day looks like in a different set of colors. You’ll have to do the effort of buying them once, but you’ll love this activity at the start of each day then.

9. Who do you wish to meet/connect today – Every day we meet and greet different people from time to time. But have you consciously made an effort to reach out to someone who you look up to, or you haven’t spoken to since ages, or someone who just seems difficult to get across but you know you just want to? Make a list of those people and reach out to them each new day. People do change our lives. Hey, by the way pets and that extended family is also looking for some love and attention.

10. Review your goals – This may not be a daily routine but it can be a reminder to keep you on track in your life, priorities and getting to understand fulfillment in deeper and dapper ways. So let this one be in a golden shade?

Now ditch that phone and get a paper and some crayons to start working on the above. Wish you happy and fulfilling mornings!

Disclaimer: This post was written by our guest contributor. The content herein is owned by the blogger. Gympik is not responsible for any kind of infringement caused.


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