“Something about a cup of coffee in my hand makes me feel armed and ready to take the day and all that comes with it.” Isn’t this what most of us feel? But there are instances when even caffeine cannot uphold our immunity against. Morning anxiety comes without warning and it takes no prisoners. Some days, it starts with you not finding your keys or not waking up to the alarm, after which you spend 15 minutes in bed running visuals of how the day is going to be. The heart starts to pound and the palms start to sweat. Exit calm, enter panic, centre stage.

Save Yourself From Drowning In Anxiety

Anxiety is basically an apprehension of things to come. It’s a physical and emotional response to perceived dangers (that aren’t always real). It’s often the small things that trigger it and that set you over the edge- waking up late, an overloaded mailbox, losing your keys, stuck in traffic and so on. So also, it takes small steps and changes in your daily routine to counter this problem.



Both your physical surroundings and your mind. Put things in places so that they are easier for you to find and you know where you need to look. Tidy up your workplace. It’s easier to work when everything is in place. Create a system of workflow that suits you best. Plan ahead- step by step. An organized system tends to leave little or no room for anxiety, rather it lends to a proper flow of function.

Save Yourself From Drowning In Anxiety - De-clutter

Eat right

Anxiety can very well throw your body out of whack bringing about changes in eating habits and inducing unhealthy food cravings. Take care of your body by giving it the support it needs through foods that contains Vitamins (especially B), Omega 3 and wholegrain carbs. And even though your cravings might be telling you otherwise, research suggests that eating sugary and processed foods can increase symptoms of anxiety.

Save Yourself From Drowning In Anxiety - Eat right

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Workout More

The first we told a friend about this, this reaction came out, “What? How is workout even related to anxiety?” Well, it might sound a little weird but exerting yourself while working out increases the production of ‘happy hormones’. The ones that keep you up and running through the day and help you fight stress and anxiety more efficiently.

Save Yourself From Drowning In Anxiety - Workout More


If you happen to find yourself in a situation when you’re all panicky and don’t know what going on; anxiety at a high then do this. Just breathe! Nice and heavy breathing for a couple of seconds could just clear your mind of all the foggy mist and let you have a more clear picture of your situation.

Save Yourself From Drowning In Anxiety - Breathe


Try to invest just a couple of minutes before you hit the sack for the day and after you’ve woken up. Meditate. Pick a place with fresh air and calm yourself down. Meditating will calm you down and leave no scope for anxiety to stick around.Save Yourself From Drowning In Anxiety - Meditate


Say to yourself in the morning, “Come on life, I’m ready to take your challenges head on!” or anything that can charge you up. And at night, appreciate yourself “Whatever happened, happened! I did great today. I’ll do even better tomorrow.” Beginning your day with enthusiasm and ending your day appreciating yourself on a positive note gives you a sense of responsibility to make the coming days even better and look for positivity in simplest things in life. And there’s absolutely no harm in trying, what say!

Save Yourself From Drowning In Anxiety - Appreciate Yourself

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Get enough sleep

Sleep deprivation or inconsistent sleep not only incurs damage to your physical health but also contributes to increased anxiety and stress. This could turn into a vicious cycle as anxiety leads to disruptions in sleep. Take a soothing bath after a long day, switch off your phone, and treat yourself to 7-8 hours of undisturbed sleep. Within  a few days , you will notice the changes in your anxiety levels.

Save Yourself From Drowning In Anxiety - Get Enough Sleep

Last but not the least, be confident about yourself. Love yourself, be grateful for the people in your life, who make you laugh, smile and enjoy and crib less about what’s going wrong; trust us, you’ll find the motivation within you to handle your problems and keep anxiety at bay. Happens what may, don’t be harsh on yourself. Loving yourself is the core of everything that can come to you as blessings. You are the ‘hero’ of your life and heroes don’t quit! Something happened right, pat yourself on the back. Something went the wrong direction? Stand up and move ahead… There’ll be many bumps on the road but don’t get stuck! Life is as easy or difficult as you make it. Something has helped you? Feel free to share in the comment section below. And if you like this article don’t forget to like and share.