Whoever came up with the lyrics of the all-time antakshari anthem “thande thande paani se nahana chahiye”, knew what they were talking about. Though the idea of walking into a cold shower first thing in the morning is perhaps lower than getting hit by a speeding truck on many people’s list of to-do things, we will give you 5 amazing reasons on why that’s an amazing idea (we’re talking about cold shower, not getting hit by a speeding truck):

They Key to Amazing Hair and Skin:

Benefits of Cold Shower

Want great hair and skin? Ditch those artificial products for a good, long, cold shower! Various dermatologists agree that cold water shower is good for your skin and hair. Unlike hot water, cold water does not dry out your skin. It “seals” the pores in the skin and the scalp, preventing dirt from clogging them and making the condition worse. It also helps preserve the body’s natural oil thus enhancing the benefits to the skin. Cold shower also flattens the hair follicles resulting in shinier and stronger hair.


Better Immunity And Circulation:

Benefits of Cold Shower

Studies have shown that cold water has the tendency to improve blood circulation. Basically, when you bath with cold water, blood rushes to the internal organs in order to keep them warm thus improving the circulation. This improved circulation results in a boost to your immune system. The sudden increase in blood circulation also means that your heart is pumping blood more efficiently, thus improving your cardiovascular health and reducing the chances of health issues like blood pressure, and blocked arteries.

Aids In Fat Loss:

Benefits of Cold Shower

What if losing those extra pounds was as easy as taking a shower? Well, science has shown that this could actually be true to an extent in the case of taking cold showers. The human body has two types of fat tissues – the white fat and the brown fat. Of these two, the brown fat is more metabolically active. What this means is that the body burns brown fat to burn calories to generate heat inside our body. Brown fat, also called the “good fat” is generated by the conversion of white fat through exercise and a healthy sleep. Studies have shown that cold showers too, can stimulate brown fat generation and thus aid in weight loss.

Stimulates Muscle Soreness And Recovery:

Benefits of Cold Shower

Did you know that apart from ice-bath, cold shower too is preferred by many top athletes after a strenuous day in the field? The cold water numbs the local neurons which results in pain relief. Cold water reduces inflammations or swellings if any, due to excruciating workout. Besides this, cold water shower also helps in relieving delayed-onset muscle soreness and helps you recover faster. In order to reap the full benefits of cold water shower, studies show that the temperature of the water should be around 10-15 degrees.

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A Great Stress Buster:

Benefits of Cold Shower

Had a rough day? Well, getting a nice cold shower could help you beat the stress! Cold showers have an intense impact on the cold receptors in your skin, which in turn sends an overwhelming amount of electrical impulses to the brain,  producing an antidepressant effect. Not just this, but many studies have shown a drastic decrease in the uric acid levels of the subjects following a cold shower. An increase in uric acid is often associated with heart diseases, fatty liver, and high blood pressure among others. Cold shower decreases the risk of these diseases.

The idiom ‘Taking a cold shower’ may have a negative perception in the English language. However, given the numerous health benefits we just told you about, we hope you too will join us in singing “thande thande paani se nahana chahiye” at the top of your voice. Till then, stay fit and stay happy!


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