Drinks are something that we have all day long. They are great to hydrate our bodies and to add natural sugar, vitamins and minerals into our systems. A fruit juice, nut milk or a glass of milk is a great option to bank on when you have an upset stomach or crunched on time. Liquids help you digest your solid food with ease and also boost your immunity. The most common options that people try are tea, coffee or milk. Caffeine is not a great pick and milk can become boring after a point of time. It might surprise you that there are tens of other options that you can choose from. They can cure number of health issues like insomnia, aid in weight loss, improve digestion, focus and concentration etc.

Our food and lifestyle habits affect our mind to  great extent. It has a silent impact on our decision making powers too. When our physical systems are not calm, nourished and in a sound state, our bodies show that externally. It’s all a matter how well we read those signs. The sooner the better.

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Our bodies are not the same during night time. It’s advised to have light meals as we don’t move around much during night. In fact, your light dinners can be substituted with these 5 beverages which can not only help you gain a good night’s sleep but also improve digestion and cure a number of other problems. Here’s the list:

Coconut Milk – If regular milk is boring, try having Coconut milk before you hit the snooze button. The tryptophan and calcium in coconut milk will help you sleep faster and better. It also curbs the irregular cravings that you might be habituated to.

Peppermint tea – Peppermint tea is great to cure insomnia. Especially when it caused due to depression and anxiety. This tea when regularly consumed can also cure other symptoms such as irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn and migraines.

Turmeric Milk –  This classic drink is a household name in India. It’s an wholesome health drink that has been running in the blood for generations. The antibiotic properties of turmeric prevents respiratory illness, is anti-inflammatory, is a blood purifier and aids in digestion. Milk as always is also a rich source of calcium.  

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Tart Cherry juice – Cherries are known to increase melatonin levels, helping you sleep more. Their ability to boost serotonin and melatonin levels are important to attain sleep or by helping the body to relax.

Any drink with Honey – Honey is a natural sweetener and adds to a lot of nutrition when added to any drink/salad.  Any of the above drinks can be used with an extra dash of honey. This will increase the insulin levels in your body and help you relax and sleep better.

Mindful engagement in food and drinks at bedtime is important as it can strengthen or weaken our systems. Drinks at night tend to be light on our digestive system and helps us wake up light and hydrated. I hope these suggestions suit you to lead a healthy and a better life.

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