Have you ever been in a situation where you cannot perform your best as you ran out of breath? Has the task of holding weights for long bothered you? If these situations sound familiar to you then you are here at the right time. We are talking about endurance training in this article to help you perform better at whatever you do and excel in it. Thus, read on to know more about endurance training.

What is Endurance Training

Endurance training is the act of building your endurance, it refers to your capability to remain active for longer duration of time and perform your best even when exerted. It not only enhances your performance, but also improves your overall health. Endurance training includes exercises that improve cardiovascular health, respiratory system and muscular tissues. For example, running examines your cardiovascular endurance as it needs your lungs to pump oxygen for a longer period. The capability to breathe continuously without having the need to stop midway requires a type of cardiovascular endurance.

This is the reason why endurance training becomes a must for all the athletes and sports personnel. But, its importance goes beyond running a marathon or finishing the triathlon. It not only enhances your performance while working out but also, nurtures your overall health, improves heart function, provides you with energy and increases your metabolism.

Ways to boost your Endurance

Ever heard of “If you can think of it, you can achieve it”! So, if you can think of increasing your endurance then you can surely increase it by following these methods:

Combine Strength with Cardio


The more muscular work you do, the more it challenges your heart and cardiovascular system for good. Instead of doing just cardio, focus on doing strength workouts along with it. Try combing bench presses with pull-ups and then run a mile as fast as possible.

Minimize rest breaks between sets

time for break
Try minimizing your rest breaks between sets. For example, if it is 90 seconds now, try bringing it down to 30 seconds. If you want to achieve greater endurance, you should minimize your recovery time and get going on your workout. You should only take a break if you cannot physically continue with the workout.

Do high intensity workouts

high intense wrkout

Try lifting weights at a faster pace. It will benefit you with greater strength and improved endurance. Also, try involving movements that take a lot of your energy and challenge your strength, stamina, and endurance. Things like burpees, jumping knee tucks, box jumps and power push-ups are a few exercises you should consider including in your workout regimen.

Keep switching your workout routine

changes in wrkout

To keep yourself motivated and interested in the workout, it is important for you to keep switching between the exercises that you do. It will also help in building endurance and stamina. The human body gets used to the workout in two weeks. So, modify and change accordingly to keep your mind challenged and your workout interesting.

Endurance Training: Effects it has on your body

If you are wondering, why the world is going gaga about endurance training! Or why is there a hype in the demand for endurance training, you should go through the below-mentioned points:

• Say hello to a healthy body

Endurance workout creates a stronger and healthier body. It is beneficial for your muscles, cardiovascular system, joints, lungs, and bones. It won’t be wrong to say that endurance workout transforms you inside-out. It also improves your metabolism which in turn burns fat, leans your muscles and provides you a disease-free life.

• Welcome the new and confident you

We are sure the feeling you get when you don’t fit in your favourite clothes is not very pleasant. No, we don’t intend to set skinny body goals but, a healthy and confident you is any day better than a drowsy, plump and diseased you. You cannot deny the fact that many diseases are a result of overweight and excessive fat. Being overweight reduces your confidence and affects your self-image negatively. Endurance training not only helps you reduce your weight but also assist you in shedding those extra kilos and look your perfect self.

• Surprise yourself
The feeling you get after doing something that you never thought you can is overwhelming, and provides an immense boost in your self-worth. Endurance training involves high intense workout routines which you might have never thought of doing. When you indulge in endurance training you surpass your own limitations and thus, improve your physical as well as mental limits.

• Peace of mind

It may at first, seem a joke but, endurance training works on the same level as many of the anti-depressants. It provides you with a happier and healthier mind thereby, relieving you of stress, depression, and anxiety. Thus, it not only works on your physical health but also provides you with mental wellness.

• Better Energy

Your energy levels improve when they are challenged. Endurance training helps you stay on high energy and actively perform your tasks throughout the day. Your body sets intense work pressure on it and performs its optimum best when you train it with endurance exercises. Thus, it enhances your energy levels and keeps you motivated throughout the day.

We are sure you intend to perform your best at whatever you do and with endurance training in the picture, it becomes more realistic to achieve this task. A better, happy and healthy life is something we all want and endurance training is a way to achieve it. Pull up your socks now, ditch that sedentary lifestyle and switch on to a healthier you. To know more about the trainers or workouts contact us at Gympik.


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