Temperature’s rising, it’s sweltering, you’re sweating and the heat seems determined to keep that rhythm going. There IS a way out though – WATER, the elixir of life itself. If you’re taking in more heat than you should be taking water, know that there is more than just respite in a water bottle; there is freedom: from dehydration, infections and fatigue. However, gulping 8 to 10 glasses of water a day is an intimidating challenge, so what can you do to properly and adequately hydrate yourself without too much of a struggle?

One small sip at a time: Let each sip be followed by a satisfying gulp. Do not rush. Water intoxication is dangerous, fatal even.

Comfort water: For caffeine lovers, always remember to drink a glass of water while brewing your coffee or in between cups.

Find your own taste: Water is not as tasteless as our old science textbooks tell us. We now have the luxury to choose from sparkling, fruit-flavoured, mineral, vitamin-enhanced and many more. Tap water often leaves a bad taste in the palate. The solution is to filter it out and/or squeeze a lemon into your glass.

Your very own portable oasis: Having your very own water bottle is a great way of motivating yourself to drink more water. You can keep it at your desk, in your car, carry it around, refill it and, in no time, it’ll become a subconscious habitual routine.

Pace yourself: Sips of water between snacks will not only meet your hydration needs but also keep your calorie intake in check. A glass of water after each glass of wine will also keep a tight rein over dehydration and, not to mention, limit your alcohol consumption. On a daily basis, develop water drinking habits that go in sync with your routines.

As this habit grows on you, you’ll find more and more of your own tips. If you already have, I raise my glass to you!