Our hectic schedule has left us bewildered while choosing the right food for our body and somehow compelled us to grab whatever comes handy, i.e. junk foods. So, fast foods have gained huge popularity for being tasty and easily available. These are less filling and gives an idea of consuming less (whereas you have consumed more calories than you need to), and leads to overeating.

Junk foods contain high amount of calories, hydrogenated fats and sodium making them one of the major causes of obesity.


Let us throw some light on the not-so-healthy side of it


junk food pizza

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear about pizza is a gorgeous cheesy delight that is a treat for your eye and your tummy! But don’t get too carried away by its beauty. A large size of pizza contains 311 calories, 13.5 gram of saturated fats, 700 mg Sodium, 14 mg Cholesterol, 1.75-gram fibre, and 12-gram protein, as mentioned by the Nutritionist expert, The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Sonya Angelone. The synthetic wheat, sauce, toppings, cheese make pizza top the junk food category list


Chicken Burger

junk food chicken burger

There is hardly anyone who didn’t fall for the yummy taste of a gorgeous chicken burger! No wonder you have gorged on them more often just to control your saliva. After all, it’s chicken with loads of veggies and sauces! That scrumptious chicken burger with extra cheese and mayo toppings can lift the mood of even an evil imp—we are only mere mortals. Well, now it’s time to get back to reality! One chicken burger contains whopping 360 calories. Ouch!



junk food plate of momos

You can keep defending momos as one of the healthiest foods as they are steamed not fried! Ohh, I so wish I could tell you that you are right. But the truth is one piece chicken momos contains 40 calories. The vegetable counterpart is also not too far away—one piece contains 37 calories. So, one plate of steamed momos can serve you easily 250-300 calories. Now, if you have already planned to order momos for your evening snack, it’s time to do some quick changes.


Chicken rolls

junk food chicken rolls

Luscious chicken coated with a thick layer of mayo, chilli-tomato sauce, and veggies wrapped in a heavenly roll! Have you already been salivating? Practice some control coz we are going to reveal the not-so-fascinating truth to you. This delectable chicken roll that tops your favourite list contains nearly 250-300 calories.



plate of samosas

Oh, how we adore “samosa” for being the best option during our tea-breaks or the handiest evening snack! These tongue tingling fried little wonders serve you a good dose of 250-300 calories. And yes, we didn’t even count calories that hide in the taste enhancing sweet-n- tangy sauces and the extra oil in which these were fried. Now, don’t you think your favourite list needs an urgent alteration?


Fried Chicken

junk food fried chicken

Chicken lovers, especially KFC chicken lovers, this is for you! We hate to see your sad face but truth is to be told. Yes, one piece of that juicy, crunchy, fried chicken serves you shocking 320 calories. Surprised? Hold your breath. It also comes with high Trans fat, Monosodium glutamate, unhealthy saturated fats, and cholesterol due to the oil used in frying them.


Noodles or Chow Mein

junk food plate of noodles

Untimely food cravings can make you splurge on something unhealthy such as Noodles or Chow Mein. Oh, how gorgeous they look with all oils, veggies, and spices! We too agree that they taste as delicious! Whereas hydrogenated oils in which they are cooked is one of the major concerns, what make these foods even unhealthy are the artificial flavours, colourings, seasonings and Trans fats. Finally, the outcome is consumption of nearly 490 calories.


Potato or Banana Chips

junk food potato chips

Whether you believe me or not, it’s the particular time of the day that decides to give a sudden kick to our hunger pangs. And it’s that time of the day is after your lunch and before evening snack time when your tongue tickles to grab and munch on something. We can’t blame you if you find some packaged potato or banana chips to satiate yourself. Done munching? Now, here it is—you have just gulped down 250 calories.

We know how difficult is it to resist the call of these seemingly innocent yet super unhealthy foods for their scrumptious outlook. But here lies the problem guys, we cannot, for health’s sake, satisfy our grease holes and invite perilous diseases. So here I bid adieu to these once-my-favorite fast foods. What about you?



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