Weight control is one of the most difficult goals to achieve in life. It can act as a self esteem boost or make us lose our confidence. If accompanied by a serious medical condition, weight control becomes even more difficult.

Most of the people around me are obsessed with it, going as far as checking their weight every single day. This is how much our body image can control our psychology and outlook on life. And, it is true actually. How we look has a lot of impact on how we feel and take on the day.

I like to look at weight loss as a way to be fit and healthy instead of just losing some pounds because there is a wedding to attend or we want to fit into some undersized dress. Our lifestyle goes a long way to define how fit and healthy we are, and it all comes down to our habits.

Get Up Early

Well, in the ancient times, our ancestors used to follow the sunrise and sunset times. Waking before the sunrise and not being awake long after sunset was what they followed. And, for good reasons. Getting up with the sunrise energises the body and makes you ready to take on the day.

Did you know that you should consume your breakfast within half an hour of waking up? Yes, it is because our body has remained in dormant mode for more than eight hours since the last night dinner and it craves fuel to generate energy for the upcoming day. Similarly, you must consume your dinner at least two hours before going to sleep. It helps your body digest the food properly and sleep well.

1. Getting up Early
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Do Not Confuse Thirst With Hunger

Did you know that thirst is often confused for hunger? Your hypothalamus is actually responsible for this instinct. It is the organ which controls your feelings and sends signals to your brain for what activity must be done. And, funnily, both drinking and hunger are interpreted similarly by this organ. So, next time you feel hungry, try drinking a glass of water instead.

Do Not confuse Thirst with Hunger
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Take The Stairs When Possible

I cannot stress enough on this but with the hectic schedules taking time out for a physical activity or even going to gym is extremely difficult. So, a simple way out is taking the stairs instead of the elevators, at least for the first three floors. But, do not take stairs every hour or frequently since it puts a lot of strain on your knees.

Take The Stairs When Possible
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Chew More, Eat Less, Follow with a Hot Beverage

How we eat and how much we eat decides everything about us. This is why eating is considered such a spiritual routine instead of just something to fuel ourselves with. It is important to spend at least 20 minutes on your meals making sure you chew every morsel so much that it broken down well before swallowing it.

Get smaller plates and two helpings instead of three next time. Take small meals all day long in a gap of 2-3 hours. Reduce the amount of rice or breads you consume and increase the quantity of your vegetable intake. Include lots of soups and fruits. Do not skip meals or stay hungry for too long to avoid belly fat accumulation.

Chew More, Eat Less, Follow with a Hot Beverage
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Body Posture plays a huge role

A good straight body posture makes you look slimmer instantly, increases your confidence, and keeps you healthy overall. A slouch, common problem in tall people, causes spinal problems, and sitting straight with complete back support relaxes the body making you look attentive at the same time. So, practice maintaining correct body posture.

Body posture plays a huge role
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Being fit and healthy is a lifestyle, not a one day marathon. Plan your day to incorporate this mantra. And, do not forget to pass on these lessons to the millenials and the future. Worship your body and it will help you lead a beautiful life.

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