We haven’t got over with Women’s Day yet, to remind us that the strength of womanhood is not meant to be celebrated for just a day, the story of this amazing healthpreneur came to us like a blessing! We’re excited to bring to you the story of this female entrepreneur, a nationally and internationally accredited Nutritionist and Diet expert, and the founder of ‘Yuktahaar’, Munmun Ganeriwal. In an interview with Gympik, Munmun has told us everything about her achievements so far including how Yuktahaar is creating its niche in the world of health and nutrition. Here’s the story from the lady herself!

Gympik: When was your foundation established and what inspired you to come up with the idea to set up something like ‘Yuktahaar’?

Munmun Ganeriwal: ‘Yuktahaar’ (‘Yukt’ – right amount, quality and mindfulness & ‘Ahaar’ – food) was launched in June 2016 and is a blend of my knowledge of modern nutritional science with the age-old wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda. In a very short span of time, Yuktahaar has established itself as a global brand and has been recognized amongst “50 Best Wellness Companies- Global Listing” by World Health & Wellness Congress & Awards on 15th February 2018.

I started working very young, when I was barely 19 or 20 years old. I started off as a part-time fitness trainer at one of the state-of-the-art fitness clubs in Pune. Also, having already worked for more than 13 years at places like state of-the-art gym, world renowned medical Institute etc. I felt it was a natural progression that I take the unbeaten path of paving my own way by setting up a unique practice of my own, and I named it “Yuktahaar”

Its heart-warming that after almost 15 years of starting off, my work has been recognized lately at national and international platforms. I am humbled and honoured to be conferred upon the “Best Nutritionist” by FEMINA presents 5th World Women Leadership Congress & Awards (WWLC) 2018 on 17th February 2018 and the “Most Impactful Healthcare Leadership Award” by World Health & Wellness Congress & Awards on 14th February 2018.

FEMINA- Munmun Ganeriwal

Gympik: How did you come up with the name?

Munmun Ganeriwal: The word ‘Yuktahaar’ finds its origin in the holy book “Srimad Bhagvad Gita”. The Gita speaks of ‘Yuktahaar’ when Lord Krishna tells Arjun that, for a meaningful Yoga practice, balance in food and sleep is crucial. ‘Yuktahaar’ talks about this age-old wisdom of eating right in balance and reveals how the cutting-edge technology and ground-breaking research of the West is catching up with this timeless wisdom. It is essentially a diet, exercise and lifestyle intervention program that promotes a holistic approach towards sensible and sustainable weight loss and improved health.

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Gympik: What sets your foundation apart from its competitors? How are you revolutionizing the diet and fitness industry?

Munmun Ganeriwal: Yuktahaar is the best way you can eat right and still be happy. The concept of ‘dieting’ has changed massively in the past decade. Here are the thigs Yuktahaar focuses on while prescribing any diet plan to its clients.

  • Yuktahaar is eating-centric vs eating-phobic
  • It works at creating a relationship of love and gratitude for food vs relationship of fear for food
  • It urges one to embrace traditional, native food wisdom vs discarding it as redundant and futile
  • It’s a holistic nutrition, exercise and lifestyle intervention program vs a mere diet plan
  • It’s a blend of modern science with age-old wisdom of eating right
  • Clients experience a huge sense of well-being along with weight loss vs focusing on a number on weighing scale
  • It promotes the philosophy of “Local food, Global Spirit” vs asking one to eat imported food, flown from far away land

Gympik: Who is your target audience?

Munmun Ganeriwal: Anybody who has tried changing their diet a million times, anyone who has never tried any diet in life or is looking to eat better to live better- It is for everyone who believes in eating right is the key to good health. We also have diet plans for those who want to lose weight, gain weight or just stay healthy. Anybody who eats food and has a pulse is my target audience.


Gympik: What’s the vision behind your foundation?

Munmun Ganeriwal: We want to establish ourselves as a brand that stands for delivering unadulterated, authentic (not industry-funded) information on food, fitness, health and everything in between. We want to become people’s first choice when they wish to turn their life around by embracing a healthier lifestyle.

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Gympik: What are the plans you have in the coming years for your audience? What new you are planning to offer them?

Munmun Ganeriwal: I will soon begin working on writing my first book. We already have a huge number of people following my blogs on our website. My readers and the support they have shown is one of the biggest reasons why I have decided to pen down a book.

Well, Gympik wishes Munmun all the very best in all her future endeavors and a huge thanks to her for allowing us to know about her way of contribution towards a healthy society and make more and more people aware of a healthy lifestyle.




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