Expectation: Looking hot and chic in the workout tights and trendy tee. Hair held in a ponytail, training shoes on and you are all set to hit the gym. Different types of equipment that are there to help you attain your coveted shape and once you see the demo; you lock it in your mind and start practicing. You look like a wet daisy every time you sweat.  And of course, in a couple of months, you attain your target quite easily!

Reality: You research on the net, watch on youtube, search and try a ton of outfits…finally, ditch all the trendy outfits and pick the safest one, the black tights and regular tee. You get baffled by the variety of sports and training shoes in the shop and pick up one as suggested by the shopkeeper. For sure, you get intimidated by the equipment at the gym and the super humans who are using it deftly. When your time comes for a demo, it becomes almost similar to blink and miss experience and you fail to record everything in your mind at one go! Sigh! You wonder how the Hollywood or Bollywood beauties look extremely beautiful during their workouts.

The idea of hitting the gym all glammed up, trainers of chiseled and body with happiest faces, coolest equipment, and trendy amenities sound too appealing to resist. But, alas! The reality is a far cry from what our dreamy mind can conceive. So, here we have compiled a few things that you experience when you go to the gym for the first time.  How many of these can you relate to?


When you are struggling to breathe properly on a 6.5 km/hour speed, the female on the treadmill next to you is running on a 10 km/hour speed and watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. You awkwardly try to find out what’s the reason behind her ‘toofani’ funda and yours is anyway, a massacre!


A swanky gym, modern equipment, the coolest interior—all these can give you bubbles of hopes that you might get to see someone befitting the surrounding. But, alas! The guys you see at the gym are either of your uncle’s age or lack any oomph factor! So much sadness to handle!


When you see the equipment at the gym for the first time and don’t know how to use them, you look out for help and in your mind, pray to God that someone comes to your rescue when you can’t figure out how to use what. And nopes, you cannot find any instructional manual or any “How to Use” note sticker anywhere! So, either you wait till someone actually helps you from the situation or start loving your smartphone even more for giving you multiple options to be busy and not making you look like an idiot!


The lucky ones get the free space! It’s a task on its own to find a free space when you enter the gym for some cardio and weight training. You almost bump into the other person when trying to fit into the small space left for resting and unintentionally invite the wrath of others.


You try hard to struggle and somehow manage with the pull-up equipment and a personal trainer lends his support with a smiling face. You suddenly start believing that kindness has still not been completely abolished from the world! And then comes the surprise….(rather a price) that personal trainer offers you and guarantees to help achieve your required results for a hefty amount! Alert! You know who you need to ignore from the next day!


How much ever you drool over JLo’s body and plan to achieve the same waistline, you get to push your mind little further every time you enter the drill and go through the painful aftermath.  You realize that how true the phrase “No Pain, No Gain” is and it’s not going to be as easy as you thought!


That nearly five-star kitchen with international chefs and scrumptious foods look too delicious and appealing to resist! And after a rigorous workout, when your stomach growls and your eyes behold the beauty of the already plated delectable foods which smells even more tempting, you take a step forward towards attempting to relish the heavenly taste, and then……OUCH! It costs more than your one week’s conveyance charges! Back off is the action, you know!

Going to the gym on a regular basis, sweating out intensely and still standing on your feet is commendable in the first place (despite the pain in muscles)! And, half your battle is won when you extend your workout for an-hour more. We know the reason behind that glorious attitude during the time of exit…Yeah! Sometimes, sweat is super amazing! What do you think? Give a thumbs up if you find the article interesting and keep your comments coming! We would love to hear from you!




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