It is not every day that you come across news so sensational that you want to sit up and take notice. With 20 centres across Bangalore and with 20 more centres rolling out in Delhi NCR very soon, Power World Gyms by Talwalkars has already emerged as a major player in the Indian fitness industry. But in a move that is sure to take the Delhi NCR’s fitness circle by storm, Power World Gyms – Delhi NCR has slashed their full-time annual gym membership fee to just Rs. 3600 per year including taxes! This is a huge discount from the earlier price which was Rs.7670 (including taxes) per year. This move is Power World gym’s Christmas gift to the people of Delhi NCR!

Best Life For Everyone

On this pleasantly surprising move by the fitness chain, the Deputy General Manager – Operations of Power World Fitness (Private) Limited, Mr John Paul Rajesh, said, “Power World Gyms provide a value for money proposition without compromising on quality. Most gym memberships today are too expensive for the majority. We create an inclusive environment in Power World, so that working out at a gym is possible for a much larger group of people.”

This is in line with the vision of Power World Gym’s Founder and Managing Director, Mr Talavou Alailima, whose vision is to empower people with the best fitness choices so that they can take control of their health and enjoy their best life every day. Looking at the responses from the public, Power World Gyms seems to have struck the right cord. In fact, most of the Power World branches in Delhi NCR are already reporting a huge turn out since the release of the offer.

The rolling out of this unbelievable offer also reflects Power World’s commitment towards the fitness of the people of Delhi NCR. Power World Gym aims to enhance the fitness levels of all its members and to encourage them towards living a healthy life with a devoted heart, a purposeful soul and a courageous mind.

A Holistic Approach to Fitness

Unlike many gyms, Power World takes a holistic approach to fitness. In fact, on day one itself, the trainers will do a thorough analysis of your lifestyle, your medical history, your fitness aspirations and even your body fat composition! Only then will your fitness journey begins in Power World. Every Power World Gym in Delhi NCR is over 4,000 sq.ft in size and is equipped with all the types of machines required to build every part of the body and to lose all the weight you need. The staff are well trained and equipment with knowledge which is not second to anyone in the world. Your workout environment in clean, inviting and spacious. All of this makes exercising at Power World a pleasure. Want to experience it first hand? Feel free to walk in for a 2-day trial where you can interact with the trainers, check out the swanky new equipment and even workout at the gym absolutely free!

The Unique ‘Help Me’ Badge

New to the gym and need guidance? The ‘Help Me!’ badge is all you need! In line with Power World’s vision of “fitness for everyone”, the ‘Help Me!’ badge is a unique concept which helps the trainers pay attention to the members who really need it. This, in essence, does away with the concept of a personal trainer and allows an equal atmosphere for all the members. All this at an annual membership of only Rs.3600 /- (incl. taxes) only!

Power World’s History – An International Fitness Chain

Before emerging as one of the market leaders in the Indian fitness industry, Power World Gyms Limited was already a well-established name in Sri Lanka. In the year 1994, Power World Gyms pioneered the gym training industry in Sri Lanka and in the last 23 years of its existence, Power World Gyms Limited has played a key role in shaping Sri Lanka’s fitness industry. Today, Power World Gyms Limited operates and manages the largest chain of gyms in Sri Lanka under the brand name “Power World”.

On the occasion of the announcement Mr Talavou Alailima, Founder and MD, Power World Gyms said “I founded Power World Gyms with a singular objective of empowering people so that they can take control of their health and enjoy their best life each day. We have already accomplished this objective for a large number of Delhiites. With the launch of this offer we want to reach out and touch even more lives.

With a full complement of state-of-the-art gym equipment and wide spaces for free movement. Power World is more than just an ideal fitness environment! Power World is all about you realising your fitness goals.

About Power World Founder & MD – Mr Talavou F. Alailima

Talavou Alailima pioneered the Sri Lankan fitness industry with his chain of “Power World” Fitness Centres (1994), “Edge” Sports Nutrition Supplements (2005), and “Lion Warrior” Sports High-performance program (2008). He is a US qualified Strength Training and Sports Nutrition Consultant, educated at Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania USA, and holds a Master of Sports Management degree from the IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. In 2009, he contributed substantially to the “Manual of Sports Medicine” published by the Colombo Medical Faculty. He is an NCAA All American Athlete, South Asian Games Medallist, and the former Sri Lanka record holder for Shot Putt and Discus events.

He was the Sports Nutrition and Strength training consultant for many national level clubs, school teams and champion athletes for the past 22 years. As a member of the Sri Lanka National Sports Council, and the founder and President of the Association of National Track and Field Athletes (ANTFA), he has influenced sports and impacted fitness in Sri Lanka in a unique and profound manner.


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