Welcome February, the love month in which many of you deal with the “What to Gift to your Valentine” syndrome! Surely you might have done your job of researching for gift options. But, after this thorough research on the internet, if you are still faltering between the best gifting options you have thought of, we might help you.

How about gifting your beloved the longevity of life? Imagine, if you can gift health to your partner and silently express your desire for the companionship you want! Well, if health is what you have decided to gift your Valentine, we have done the research for you!

Let’s check out the list of items you can gift your partner this Valentine’s Day. These gifts will silently speak for you and show them that you want to enjoy those moments of love and cuddle your way to happiness.

1) Gym Membership and Personal Trainer:

gym member ship (1)

To improve the health of your better half, consider gifting membership of a swanky gym. It will prove to be the much-needed motivation they require to stay fit and enlighten them about the benefits of being healthy. If you are looking for personal assistance, customized fitness plan according to your fitness requirements, better and faster results- gifting a personal fitness trainer should be the right thing to bid upon.


2) Charge 2 Fitness Tracker:


A fitness tracker is a boon for anyone who is fitness newbie or is a seasoned health enthusiast. Charge2, from Fitbit, tracks all your activities like floor climbing, number of calories burned etc. It also records your heart beat and gives notifications about incoming calls, texts, calendar notifications.

Thereby, it makes sure that your stay healthy and never forget or miss on your partner’s birthday, important anniversaries or events. In short, it helps you stay dedicated to fitness as well as your partner.

3) Bright Running Shoes:

bright shoes (1)

Your partner is a fitness enthusiast or has just started making some minor lifestyle changes, these shoes can be good choice. They will also let your partner rescue themselves when you are angry! jokes apart, these lightweight and cushiony shoes will give them the comfort they need while running. To add the cherry on the top, they will always think about you whenever they wear them, that’s an easy and oozing style to stay in their mind.

4) Gym Duffel Bag:

duffle bag (1)


To lighten the burden and help your partner manage things better while carrying all the necessities at the gym, you should consider gifting gym duffel bag. They will carry your love daily to the gym, with all their utilities in it. It will also serve to be a style statement as well as ease their work of carrying load.

5) Water Bottle:



Perspired and exasperated after the rigorous workout, your partner needs water and thus, a water bottle can be the best gift. So, gifting your partner a gym friendly cool water bottle could do the trick for you.

6) Yoga Mat:

yoga mat (1)


Yoga mat can prove to be a very thoughtful gift and gesture to show that you truly you care. You don’t want your partner to hurt elbows in those plank exercises or palms while doing yoga. Yoga mats will prove to be the much-needed cover and you can choose different kinds of creative mats available online or offline. Beauty combined with comfort is a fabulous gift combination.

7) Yoga Mat Carrier:

yoga carrier (1)


It will be difficult to carry those big mats to the gyms or even place them at homes. Yoga mat carriers can be your right pick to help your partner arrange things in a much easier way. Even it seems like a small and inexpensive thing, this gifting idea surely wins for making lives a lot easier.

8) Fitlosophy Fitbook:Fitness and Nutrition Journal:

fit book

What a treat will this gift be for someone who is interested in fitness and books! Books can be a charmer for those who love reading and if they are fitness enthusiasts, you can trust me with your eyes closed and go for this option. It will never fail to express your love for your partner.

9) Gym Attire:

gym attire (1)


Can there be anything better than slaying fitness in style! Be it men or women- everyone wants to rock that gym look and look their best even when they are drenched in sweat. You have some fabulous attire options available ranging from luxury leggings, jackets, cool tees, shorts, gloves etc. Choose the one you think will suit your partner and see the glitter in their eyes when you gift them.

10) Moisture-Wicking Drawers:


Your partner may or may not tell you this but, the sweat in the most awkward places irritate beyond the tolerance level. It’s difficult and clumsy to manage in those damp, clammy underwear. Worry not! The breathable undies that are made to keep dry and odourless during the workout should take care of these uneasy situations for your partner.

Choose the most suitable health gift this Valentine’s and let healthy be the new trend this season!! In the long run, health should not be a hurdle in your journey of life. To celebrate your love, you and your partner should enjoy the perks of good health and to do that, choose the right gift from the above list. We wish you and your partner a Happy and Healthy Valentine’s Day- stay fit, healthy and together always! To know more about health and fitness training, visit Gympik.


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