Planning to lose weight? If yes, wait, you know all what you must go through, right? No, we are not talking about the exercise or the diet plan that you should follow. We are talking about the experiences you go through when you decide to do something as great as losing weight; your life changes in a horrific way, that may lead you with a desire to kill people. How to get over it? Well, maybe the fact that you don’t want to end up in prison with a beautiful body, if that helps or else, know what’s coming and turn a deaf ear towards it. So, , here are the types of annoying people you meet while losing weight.

The Preachers

the preachers
This group of people are the “Babas” of health knowledge. As soon as they get to know that you are trying to lose weight, they just cannot stop themselves from showering their knowledge on you. At times, this gets annoying as, their knowledge may not be relevant for you always. But, they don’t seem to get it and keep flaunting their knowledge about weight loss, diet, workout techniques and everything related or unrelated. These knowledge mongers mostly live on the planet called “Gym”. Don’t get bogged down by the drill, just let the knowledge pass and use it only when you are ready for it. Until then, keep going on your journey at your own pace.

The Overly Positives

against body shaming
These group of people can be spotted at a campaign against body shaming. You can spot them yelling at the top of their voices in the front row. They believe for the cause so much so that, when you tell them about your desire to lose weight, they may get upset. These people believe and try their best to make you believe that you don’t need to lose weight. They are against body shaming and thereby, fail to realise that obesity also leads to a number of diseases. Their assurance is the last you may ask for as they never help you in any way. This kind of people should be in your ‘must to be avoided’ list while you plan to lose weight.

The Food Hunks

the food hunks
These people love food and believe in sharing! They find food so interesting that if you ever mention your plan to lose weight, they will look at you as if you are the biggest fool on earth! Their pity for you never seems to ebb away and will not wait for a second chance to talk about how irrelevant it is to skip on the delicious burgers and pizzas for weight loss. These people make the weight loss difficult for you and sometimes make you crave for those junk foods too. Needless to say, avoid them as much as possible.

The Party Freaks

the party freaks
Their belief in the saying “In the long run, we are all dead”, make them party worshipers These extra friendly people cannot take “no” as an answer when they ask you out for parties. They often motivate you to live life and party hard. Thereby, making it difficult for you to lose weight and stick to your plan. These people are the ones you should strictly avoid by turning yourself the walking talking DND poster if you really want to lose weight.

The Teasers

the teasers
These people top the “To be avoided” list. They miss no chance to make fun of your exercise routine and every other thing you do. They prove to be the biggest demotivators you come across. They are unhappy with people around and don’t let any moment pass without making fun of them. They are the ones who tease you, discourage you, and linger only to harm you. They should be avoided and ignored altogether if you want to achieve your goal.

The Goal Changers

the goal changers
There is a reason why it’s said that you should surround yourself with people who have the same goal as yours! The ones who do not share or empathise with your goal can ruin your plan, thereby, making your goal quite distant and difficult to achieve. For example, if you are starving to reach your ideal weight, they might make the matter worse by indulging in some sweet delicious foods when you are around. They fail to be considerate towards your craving and makes your resistance towards food difficult.

The Health Enthusiasts

the health enthisuasts
These people are a problem in their own way as they are the extreme followers of health bible! If you tell them that you are following an exercise or diet plan, they will tell you how it won’t help. They don’t consider that baby steps in the beginning lead to success. According to them, the only way to achieve success is to follow a stringent a fitness regimen as theirs. These people, instead of being motivators, prove to be the boasters of their own success and thus, should be dealt with smartly.

Make your fitness goal a priority and ignore whoever don’t require much attention. It will be even better to share this article with them so that, they know that their behaviour is a problem for you. To know more about weight loss, subscribe to Gympik and keep yourself motivated. Remember, your health is your business which nobody else has a share in. Make sure to make it profitable.


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