Here we are, to talk about the very common but genuine problem of our lives, sleeping disorder and the after-effects of it. The reasons of your shortened sleep hours can vary but the effect remains the same to all, mind you! A sleepless night can cause many troubles than you can even think of. It’s quite common that every 6 people among 10 sleep less than required. The reasons are no-secret issues of our everyday life that includes stress, work-life responsibilities, lack of communication, spending less or no of quality time with family and friends, lack of ‘me-time’ and the list goes on.

  1. You feel lost

You feel lost

When you don’t get enough sleep, you lose the track of mind, have difficulty in concentrating, loose focus often and feel like a sloth. Yeah, we’ve been there too! Moreover, researchers have found that your lack of sleep can affect your immunity and if you miss out on a day’s sleep, your body reacts just the way it does when alcohol level shoots up in your blood. So, if you find yourself staring at your boss blankly in a meeting and fumble when you are asked to send the MoM of the meeting, you realize how bad things can go when you don’t catch some Z’s.

  1. Your brain embraces Forgetfulness, quite naturally


Did this ever happen to you that you forget names of people, places, what you thought a minute ago, and draw a complete blank? If yes, then you definitely need to keep a tab on your sleeping hours! Sleep helps strengthening nerve connections that are involved in consolidating information and frame memories. Lack of sleep may disturb your brain functioning, and hence, naturally your brain which is craving for sleep, might shut down and rather embrace forgetfulness.

  1. Irritation becomes your only mood of the day

Irritated you

It’s not out of the blue that you feel irritated with everything and everybody around you, after a night of disturbed sleep. It’s because your emotions are volatile when you miss out on sound sleep. You feel drowsy, irritated, sensitive, and also, moody! So, it’s better to catch some sleep before you feel like hitting the guy sitting next to you when you see him laughing out loud at stupid jokes!

  1. You risk your Heart

Risk Your Heart

This is serious AF! Not that if you don’t sleep well a day will give you a heart attack immediately. But, yeah, if this becomes your regular sleep routine, there is an increased risk of developing coronary heart disease. Sleep deprivation disturbs the functional pattern of heart and makes cardiovascular system work much harder than normal.

  1. Thinking what to Think

Thinking what to Think

Don’t underestimate the power of one night’s sleep! When we go to work the next day after missing out on an entire night’s sleep watching your favourite match or catching an awesome movie on Netflix, you feel like a zombie! Your brain fails to remember stuffs, it also impairs your reasoning, decision-making, and problem solving abilities.

  1. Your skin Looks older and saggy

skin sagging

Napping is not called beauty sleep for nothing! Even though you manage to show the world that you are ‘just a little tired’ when you are sleep deprived, your skin says it all! With your drowsy eyes, unenergetic behaviour and lack-luster skin, your skin imperfections and blemishes get the most exposure and flaunt themselves with much ostentation! You think one can ignore that?

  1. Your activities between the sheets become ho-hum

Boring sex

Sleeplessness among men causes a decrease in testosterone levels as it reduces your sex hormone levels by 10 -15 percent. For women, the energy level becomes even more vulnerable when they are tired-they lose focus, interest and vigour to take the interest level forward.

  1. Your bodily functions become haphazard

Haphazard body

Not only your sleep makes you look like a zombie, but also it makes your organs behave like one too! Sleeping less than 6 hours can make you obese, prone to heart attack, increase your blood sugar level, blood pressure level, decreases your metabolism, and deteriorate your brain functioning in the long run.

We all know the problem, everyone is talking about it, and understanding the gravity of the situation, but sadly none of us are taking a step towards changing. We keep doing the same things day after day and keep whining about how distressed our lives are! Dear friend, the reality is, YOU are the problem of YOUR life if you don’t bring in change. And only YOU can change it for good (Aha! It’s the awakened preacher in me doing the talking)! So, take a step towards health and sleep well!


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