This is the story of a 30 years old yogini who’s transformed her life completely and taken fitness to new levels. Her inspiring fitness journey has blown us away and we couldn’t help but invite her to present her remarkable story to us for our readers to garner more motivation towards a better, healthier, and enlivening lifestyle. An inspiration to many, this regular girl next door has been through the ups and downs of her health and emerged as a tigress with the supreme power of inner wellbeing that sparkles through her cherubic smile. A loud shout out to the Yoga maestro, Shilpa Jindal, an absolute elegance to behold for her determination and hardwork for starting from scratch and growing to new heights. Shilpa’s contribution towards holistic wellbeing through yoga has helped thousands of people to reframe their lives in past 5 years and here’s why you too should consider reading about her. The highly sought after and probably the best in the field of yoga, she is hell bent on gifting the world with some amazing yoga moves and her journey brings a lot for us to learn. This could be the fitness inspiration you are looking for, dear enthusiasts.

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Here’s what Shilpa told in an exclusive interview with Gympik –


Gympik: What according to you, does fitness stand for? Any quote on fitness that you truly believe in? 

Shilpa: According to me, Fitness is about a long term commitment to improve and maintain one’s health. Fitness activities nourish physical body as well as the mind and soul, promoting good health and happiness. It cannot be viewed as merely spending an hour in the gym. True fitness comes from adopting a healthy lifestyle. I have plenty of favourite quotes, but here’s one that I truly believe in- “Fitness is not being better than others. It’s about being better than what you used to be.”Shilpa on Fitness

Gympik: Have you always been fitness inclined?

Shilpa: No, I haven’t. I actually never had a very healthy lifestyle to start with. During my MBA and corporate years, almost every meal of mine was junk, processed, and unhealthy food. It’s funny how the convenience these foods offer and the time we lack eventually pushes us closer to them! I slept late and had never exercised at all. The inevitable result was me becoming extremely overweight, with a face full of acne. I was very lethargic and developed a strong disliking towards everything around me. One thing was for sure, I wasn’t happy at all. I realized something had to be changed.

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So how much do you think I have lost?? ?? . . . . . I am so happy to come out of that lifestyle when i constantly abused my body with wrong food choices, harsh words and negativity about my own self. ?‍♀️ . . Yes, there was a time when i felt worthless, and there’s a time when i know the whole universe resides inside me ?? and i am grateful for my journey.. . . . Just want to give back to the world, bu sharing my journey about what all i did right, what went wrong, and how to just keep on making your life better and better everyday by better everyday choices. ??‍♀️ . . . Also, i wana thank all of you who have made healthy changes in your lives, because of me. I cant ask for anything else ?? .. I just wish to inspire as many as i can.. . . . Stay healthy. Make slow and simole changes in your habits. It’s the best thing you could do for yourself. ?☑️? . . . . . . Also, yes i might be posting this pic again. But this is my 300th post, wanted to put something which is close to my heart. This is. ? #transformation #lifestyle #cleaneats #beforeafter #weightloss #myweightlossjourney #fitlife #yoga #exercise #lifestylechanges #health #inspiration #motivation #motivationmonday #weightlossmotivation #transform #fitspiration #fat2fit #cleaneating #dedication #progressnotperfection #strong #loveyourself #fatloss #obesetobeast #workout #helpothers #positivity #tbt

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Gympik: Why did you choose to pick a career in fitness?

Shilpa: My journey inspired people and the fact that I could help others get fit and make positive changes to their lives was what drove me to picking a career in fitness. I decided to quit my job and pursue my passion to be a full time yoga teacher and lifestyle blogger.

Gympik: How did you fall in love with yoga?

Shilpa: Given the fact that I had to do some form of workout to get fit, I picked yoga. I decided to join the class for a month, and believe me, I hated it in the beginning. Despite a few classes, I struggled everyday and my only reason to continue was the fees that I’d paid. Nevertheless, I pushed myself for the class and in about 2 weeks I started noticing changes. I felt better through the day, my body started to feel lighter, and my mood shifted from gloomy to cheerful! It’s awesome how yoga benefits your mental state along with your physical wellbeing. Gradually, over years, I became very passionate about yoga and it helped set right my other lifestyle issues too.

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People ask me why yoga? . . I tell them because I don’t know any path without yoga ??‍♀️✨ . . I thought I chose yoga, but the reality is that yoga chose me. To connect me with myself. To make me aware of the current moment. To just be… ✨?? . . . Yoga has taught me life and continues to teach everyday. ??‍♀️?? . . . . So Grateful to yoga for my journey. What about you? ??‍♀️? . . . . #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeveryday #yogachallenge #yogainspiration #yogaeverywhere #yogaposes #yogalover #loveforyoga #igers #instagood #picoftheday #instapic #instamood #instayoga #indianyogi #yogisofinstagram #yogini #yogi #bangaloreblogger #bangalore #india #yogapants #yogaforlife #yogajournal #yogajourney #chakrasana #urdhvadhanurasana #photooftheday @yoga.bars @yogajournal @doyouyoga @yoga #doyouyoga

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Gympik: What are the certifications you have completed?

Shilpa: I am certified in Yoga Teacher Training – 200 hours RYT from Alliance International. I also hold a Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education along with certifications in food and nutrition.

Gympik:  How do you balance work and personal life?

Shilpa: Apart from being a full time Yoga teacher and lifestyle blogger, I also work as a freelancer and conduct a lot of workshops on yoga, health, fitness etc. There are always endless things to do and just 24 hours in a day. I am a big fan of planning and write down my chores in a to-do list. What helps me the most is to plan my day, a night before, so that the next day is highly productive. I broadly categorize my everyday tasks and prioritise them based on the importance and urgency. Also, I ensure to take time out for personal activities and things I love to do. These things hold an important place in my daily schedule.Balancing life and workout

Gympik: Your blog and handles read ‘’. Why this name?

Shilpa: My journey was never about weight loss. It was always about the way I started “FEELING” after I embarked on this journey. Getting ‘FIT’ was the result and I am a ‘FOODIE’ and have loved food practically my whole life. That’s why the name – FEEL.FIT.FOODIE. It perfectly reflects who I am and what I do.

Gympik: What’s your motivation to workout everyday?

Shilpa: I think when you make fitness a part of your lifestyle, you are already motivated. I wait and look forward to do my yoga practice. I try and finish my chores quickly so that I have more time left for all these things. Of course, there are times when I run low on motivation. For times like those, I just remind myself that this is temporary and I have to find motivation for myself. Watching an inspirational video or reading a book or maybe even talking to a friend mostly helps. But you have to feel responsible for yourself and make efforts to motivate yourself again and again, whenever you feel low. Giving up is not an option!motivation to workout everyday

Gympik: How do you fit ‘fitness’ into your everyday routine?

Shilpa: I make sure I practice Yoga everyday. On busy days, I keep my practice short, but I don’t miss on that. Thrice a week, I go to gym for Strength Training. I love to go for occasional runs and walks in parks. I love spending time in nature so I plan my workouts outdoors as much as possible. Also, fitness for me is not just about working out for an hour. It’s also about staying active throughout the day. In today’s world, it’s not at all difficult to fit ‘fitness’ into your routine. I always travel with a pair of running shoes and workout clothes so that I can exercise whenever I get a chance. Sometimes, that means working out in the hotel room too. During one of my trips, I have practiced yoga even in a train in Switzerland when it was quite empty. *giggles!*

Fitting fitness in everyday life

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Gympik: How does your diet look like?

Shilpa: I don’t believe in dieting. I recommend focusing on clean eating. More fresh fruits and veggies with grains, nuts, good fats, and minus the processed, refined, and high calorie junk foods. As serious as I am regarding my fitness routines, my food, my work etc, I am also a very balanced person. I love to eat outside and treat myself once in a while. I have my rest days and follow the 80/20 rule (80 percent of the times eating clean, working out, sleeping on time and 20 percent I go easy). I would like to share something here, be little forgiving and empathetic to yourself. It’s okay to have a few misses, you will still rise if you have a strong determination.Shilpa Jindal - Diet

Gympik: Apart from being physically fit and getting into shape, what other benefits did you reap from your workout?

Shilpa: I feel I have actually transitioned from being weak to getting stronger. Not just physically, but also, mentally. My fitness journey has rewarded me with 2 very important qualities – patience and willpower. I also have a deeper understanding and awareness of myself now. It’s easier to control my mind now rather than getting controlled by it. They say, ‘health is wealth’ and I truly understand the real meaning of this adage. It has given me absolute happiness and a feeling of contentment. Of course, I am a lot more fitter, stronger, and happier too.Other benefits of yoga

Gympik: How are you ensuring you are reaching your fitness goal one step at a time, everyday?

Shilpa: My goal since the time I chose to alter my lifestyle is to improve myself and get better everyday. I believe that mental fitness and emotional wellbeing are two important factors of fitness, and I try to make sure I invest some time everyday in activities like meditation, chanting, yoga nidra, and mindfulness. I have a couple of bigger fitness goals which I break down into smaller and achievable goals and I work at achieving them step by step. I don’t rush for the end result. I focus on my efforts and practice. So my daily efforts include something which can take me closer to my goals. It’s as simple as that.

Achieving one goal at a time

That was the fab Shilpa Jindal! For more fitness inspiration from the lady and tips on yoga, nutrition, and healthy eating connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter . We are sure you’ll be super impressed. Liked the story? Spread it among your friends and family and wait for us till we come back with another amazing story! Till then, stay fit, stay happy!


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