Have you ever tried to do those full leg splits? Have you ever gasped while watching those gymnasts make their moves? Have you ever been surprised while watching some dancers make those effortless and spectacular dance moves? If the answer to any of these questions is a YES, then you surely know what those gymnasts and dancers have that you don’t – it’s flexibility. Caring for your health and coming with solutions is our forte and thus, we decided to explain the importance of flexibility in detail so that you consider practicing a few exercises to improve this aspect of your health.

Importance of Flexibility

Flexibility is important for your health on so many levels. From relieving back pain to letting you perform your best in any workout, flexibility is the key to have it all. Also, it is important to know that you become less flexible as you grow older because muscular flexibility decreases with inactivity. Thus, the lazier you choose to be, the less flexible you will be. Knowing that, by now you would have made your choice wisely. Now read below and know why flexibility is important for your health:

• Increase in the range of muscular motion

flex 3
Try touching both your toes without bending your knees or try bending backward and touch the ground with your palms. Did you succeed? Kudos if you succeeded, but if you didn’t, the reason is the stiffness of your muscles and they lack the ability to move in their full range of motion. Daily activities like bending, lifting, walking etc. require your muscles to perform at their optimum. Thus, for your body to move easily and increase the range of muscular motion, you need flexibility.

• Decreased risk of Injury

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Good flexibility ensures your muscles are healthy and thereby, decreases the risk of any kind of muscular injury. Also, if your muscles are not flexible, the tendons around your muscles stiffen making you vulnerable to injuries. But, with an increase in flexibility of your muscular tissues, you increase their range of motion as well as lower the risk of any kind of muscular injuries.

• Improved Circulation

Muscular tension affects blood circulation, which prevents the vital nutrients and oxygen from moving through the body. Flexibility in muscles helps your muscles relax, which in turn improves circulation. Flexibility enhancing activities like stretching, help blood reach your muscles and joints and thus, improve circulation.

• Less Stress and Better Posture

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Flexibility corrects your spine alignment and thereby, improves your posture. It also helps your muscles to be stress free and feel lighter. The relaxed and stress-free muscles also lead to a happier and healthier you.

• Less Back Pain

flex 5
Usually, the cause of back pain is the tight muscles in your lower back. However, with flexibility in muscles, you can prevent the back pain. If the hamstrings are tight, they pull the pelvis down creating pressure for the lower back. But, if the pelvic muscles are flexible there is less stress on the spine. Flexibility eases tension, soreness of muscles and relieves the pain from back and other parts of your body.

Flexibility affects not one but many aspects of your life and thus, it becomes important to work on it. There are exercises and stretches that can surely help you develop flexibility and assist you to perform your optimum best. With hopes of finding a new and more flexible you, pull up your socks and get working towards it, because: “Great flexibility comes with great stretching”. For more information on health and fitness visit us at Gympik.


  1. I already follow up these exercises at my workplace however since last 1 month while I was in home where it’s not possible for me do these postures as a beginner. Because of sitting job, busy schedule, unhealthy eats. I am gaining weight day by day. Sometime I feel that it’s one the biggest factor of my stress. Anyhow in week offs I tried my best to spend more time with my kid’s and enjoy the bouncing with them on an indoor Trampoline. It is also supposed to be kind of exercise but a particular exercise helps more.


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