If your body goals are relatable to those of celebrities and you often dream of a body with biceps, abs, and triceps, then we are here to help you! For a toned muscular body, you need to work on the specific muscle groups and flaunt your physique with pride. We focus on the biceps in this post and with these compound moves, you will soon be able to build bulging biceps and sculpted triceps. Though, it won’t be easy but it will be worth it. It’ll take intense working out and even more intense commitment. The trick is in using movements that involve two or more joints rather than isolating a particular muscle. Not only it is time-saving, but also it burns calories faster and trigger more muscle-building testosterone at a quicker pace.

Pull ups

pull ups 2
Pull ups are one of the best compound exercises for the upper body as they target most of your back in one go. Besides, you can do them anywhere as long as you have access to an elevated bar. Pull ups are done with an overhand grip which places more focus on the lateral muscles. Start with a dead hang with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width. Lift your body up to a bar and lower it back again.

Muscles it involves:

Pull-Ups recruit your latissimus dorsi, deltoids, pectoralis, rhomboids, trapezius, triceps and brachialis. It means they recruit the muscles of your back, chest, shoulders and arms. Thereby, gifting you with strength, powerful forearms and grip strength.

Chin ups

chin ups
Contrary to popular opinion, chin ups are not pull ups. Both raise the body up to a bar, but in chin ups, your palms face your body whereas in pull-ups your hands face away from your body. This works the biceps more intensely than pull ups. In chin-ups, you use your arm strength to raise your body and stop when your chin is above the bar, lower your body in a controlled motion and repeat.

Muscles it involves:

Chin-ups target the latissimus dorsi (your back muscles), rhomboids, posterior deltoids, biceps, triceps, lower and middle trapezius,thereby, making your arms, legs and back stronger. It also involves the rectus abdominis- the ab muscle thus, this exercise is also helpful for building abs.

Tricep dips

tricep dips
Tricep dips are an intense exercise targeting several upper body muscles. You can either do these like a bench dip, or use the parallel bar machine, or rings. Start with your arms fully extended; lower to a 90° angle, then raise back up. Keep your back straight and elevate your feet so that your triceps work harder.

Muscles it involves:

This move also works the pectorals, deltoids, anterior, rhomboids and latissimus dorsi. It makes your body strong and helps in building muscle mass.

Incline Dumbbell curl

incline biceps curl
This exercise restricts the movement of your back. To feel the maximum tension on the biceps you need to sit back on an inclined bench with a dumbbell in each hand. Keep your elbows close to your torso, curl the weights while contracting your biceps. In the final position your bicpes should be fully contracted and the dumbbells should be at the shoulder level. Make sure that only your forearms move.

Muscles it involves:

It targets the long head of the biceps (the lateral part of the muscle), which is stretched at the beginning of the flexion of the elbow. This movement also works the brachioradialis and the brachialis.

These exercises will help you shape your biceps, improve your muscles and make them stronger. Also, being aware of the muscle groups involved will let you perform an informed workout and fulfil your fitness goals easily. Thus, for a fitter and healthier life, try these moves and get a body worth flaunting and health worth treasuring. Work-out your way to fitness and if you want more information on health contact us at, Gympik.


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