Yes, you have read the headline correctly! No, the writer of this piece isn’t stark raving mad for using the ‘H’ word in public and no, he isn’t getting fired immediately (Note to boss: Please, don’t)! That’s because the kind of ‘high’ you get at this cosy little cafe and studio is the kind that will make your mother proud…this is the high of life and health!

What: Enerjuvate Studio & Cafe


  • Jayanagar – 32nd Cross Road, 4th Block, Jayanagar,
  • Koramangala – 7th Cross Rd, Koramangala 4th Block, Bengaluru

What To Watch Out For:

  • Delicious and super exclusive amaranth flour pizzas.
  • Massive range of juices from organically sourced fruits and vegetables
  • Vegan options.
  • Aerial Yoga
  • Insanely fun activities and workshops ranging from art, theater and even stand-up comedy.

Their Story:

When the cousins and entrepreneurs, Darshana Nahata and Sunayna Hiran, started Enerjuvate in 2017, they were clear about their goal – to create a refreshing alternative to the pubbing and clubbing culture which has come to symbolise life in Bangalore. The name itself is an amalgamation of the words ‘Energy’ and ‘Rejuvenate’ and these guys definitely live up to it!

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Hosting anywhere between 100 to 150 customers per day on an average, they serve a mindbogglingly wide variety of delicious yet super healthy foods to all their hungry patrons. In fact, Enerjuvate is a testament to the fact that healthy food can be just as delicious and interesting as any other food. Passionate about providing the very best to the patrons, fresh fruits and vegetables are organically sourced all the way from Ooty every day!

The Super Healthy Amaranth Flour Pizza

If you drop by Enerjuvate, we highly recommend their signature amaranth flour pizza. Lip smackingly delicious, this pizza is also super healthy. The base is made with whole wheat and more importantly the amaranth flour. A gluten free and protein rich ingredient, just a cup of cooked amaranth grains has close to 9 grams of protein! Not just that, it’s also great for your bone health, cholesterol, and even diabetes! So far, Enerjuvate is the only cafe in entire Bangalore which offers this pizza. Even the pizza sauces they use are prepared fresh every day and are 100% preservatives free. But not just pizza, Enerjuvate has a menu extensive enough to serve you a wholesome five-course healthy and delicious meal. It is also one of the few places in the city that offers vegan alternatives.

Yummy pizzas now available at enerjuvate !

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Not Just Another Cafe…

Despite all the delicious foods, Enerjuvate is not just another eatery. In fact, it is a combination of multiple spaces which host activities aimed at energising and rejuvenating your mind, body and soul. The activity which is most in demand is the aerial yoga. Besides that, it also hosts a wide range of activities like Zumba, meditation and even kids yoga. Pretty much in line with the founder’s motto, “Health is the new high”, we would go so far as to say that Enerjuvate is a paradise for any health freak!

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But Enerjuvate is not just for the fitness crowd. From stand-up comedy shows, storytelling sessions, dance classes, theatre, art classes, movie nights, gaming nights and even cooking classes curated personally by the founders, it has something for everyone. Enerjuvate is a place where creativity and passion go together to create the perfect learning space irrespective of age or gender.

Do not forget to check out their wacky little boutique called “Hep”, where you can buy interesting knick-knacks to gift your loved ones. They even host birthdays, kitty parties, team events, and many other gatherings with super affordable food packages. All in all a complete package for almost anyone! If this isn’t called awesomeness, we don’t know what is!

What The Future Looks like?

The first Enerjuvate was opened in January 2017 at Jayanagar but thanks to the overwhelmingly positive response by the public that encouraged them to open another branch in the same year in Koramangala. And now, on popular demand, they are also planning to start weekend breakfasts at their Koramangala branch very soon.

About The Founders

Darshana Nahata, has spent a considerable amount of her life at the family heritage hotel, “Bhanwar Niwas” at Bikaner in Rajasthan learning the subtle art of hospitality apart from cooking and operations from a very early age. She has attended classes in graphic design at Stanford University and one can easily see the influence in the interior decor of the cafe. A mother to a teenager, Darshana brings forward a motherly instinct while providing the very best food and life to the patrons which they can enjoy in a guilt-free way.

Darshana Nahata

Sunayna Hiran is a seasoned yoga practitioner and the originator of the term “Health is the new high” which has since become a war cry for the Enerjuvate crew! Determined to share her positivity with everyone, Sunayna teamed up with Darshana in founding Enerjuvate. A passionate promoter of entrepreneurship in women, Sunayna holds extensive experience of running operations at Shakun Group. She currently balances the driving of Operations and Business Development initiatives at Enerjuvate while playing the role of a mother to two pre-teens extremely successfully. A fitness enthusiast, Sunayna wants to share the ‘fat to fit’ inspiration with everyone.

Sunayna Hiran

With their unwavering work ethic, passion for healthy food, fitness, and self-realization, Darshana and Sunayna have confidently built a safe-haven in the middle of Bangalore and they promise to continue their journey towards spreading the joy of healthy and tasty food habits along with an active lifestyle. While the Enerjuvate crew is firing on all cylinders to reach their goal, team Gympik wishes them all the very best!


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