A few years ago, if you had asked Sanam to join a yoga class, your suggestion would have been shot down with a quick and blunt ‘No’. Miles away from yoga and spirituality, Sanam would turn to sports or the gym when it came to fitness or health. Everything changed some years ago when an unexpected physical injury while attending a Zumba session, impacted her life. The dreadful Sciatica Nerve pain had crept up unannounced and even getting off the bed was a task. Doctors said the only two things she could consider were swimming and yoga. Obviously, opting for swimming was her choice since yoga wasn’t her cup of tea! A few days of swimming around in dirty, crowded pools and she had no option but to explore yoga! One thing led to another and she attended a program organized by Isha Foundation.

It was at this point when she started realizing the importance of having a well-trained teacher or instructor who knows your strengths and limitations. It was also at this time that she started questioning if a conventional lifestyle was conducive to her well-being or not. Long hours of sitting at her office desk, unhealthy eating habits, and unnecessary cups of coffee, late nights and of course the added element of “stress”; it took her just one yoga class to see the negative impact her lifestyle had made in her body. She was determined to find a way to achieve balance within herself and enhance her well-being. Being consistent was the key and she discovered through her practices that Classical Hatha Yoga which is Yoga in its purest form, was a beautiful way to experience complete physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being.


Being the kind of person who always digs deeper into her interests, she decided to spend time learning how to teach the potent yogic practices that she was benefitting so much from to anyone who was willing to take that step towards ultimate well-being. With this objective, she signed up for the Isha Hatha Yoga School’s Teacher Training Program at the Isha Foundation, Coimbatore. A unique and extremely intense training designed by Sadhguru, she went through more than 1750 hours of training for more than 21 weeks. The training covered learning and imbibing the yogic practices, a basic understanding of human physiology and anatomy, and the basics of Siddha Medicine (an ancient system of traditional medicine originating in Tamil Nadu). The impact of this on her life has been truly significant and remarkable in terms of what it has done to create her own well-being.  Sanam Dasmahapatra now teaches Classical Hatha Yoga, which includes practices of remarkable antiquity like Angamardana, Surya Kriya, Yogasanas, Bhuta Shuddhi, and much more.


Not one to go back to an office desk, Sanam decided to quit her corporate job and setup Asanam Health & Well-being Pvt. Ltd., her own Well-being Startup in December 2016. She has been actively teaching Classical Hatha Yoga since then and guiding people who are seeking any form of well-being and to give them a taste of what complete well-being is all about. Sanam has now taught over 2000 aspiring yogis and has worked with leading companies like Uber, Rolls Royce and Fortune 500s. She teaches directly for Isha Foundation and even conducts private sessions at her home-studio in North Bangalore. Having worked for different companies over the past few years, she understands the health challenges employees face and feels strongly that the widespread issues one sees impacting the health in the Corporate World can be easily addressed with Classical Hatha Yoga practices which can be taught and practiced over a short period of time – even in an office environment to yield lifelong benefits. Oh, and in case you were wondering, she’s completely recovered from the Sciatica injury!

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Classical Hatha Yoga Teacher, Certified by Isha Foundation (1750+ Hrs). My aim is to take aspiring Yogis back to the roots of Yoga and to bring inner well-being and health to anyone who is willing to take the first step.


  1. That was a wonderful read and an inspiring one.. I am one of your students and completed Angamardhana… You are a wonderful trainer too. Namaskaram…


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