Ever heard the gym junkies talking about something that sounded alien? No, they definitely don’t belong to a different universe. Just like how high school kids go around throwing sass and shade, mixed smoothly with a hint of “cool words” aka lingo, gym junkies have their own lingos. These jargons are luckily universal and known by every fitness enthusiast. If you’re a beginner at the workout, do not, we repeat, DO NOT enter the gym without getting an idea of these few most used lingos. It’s easier to blend in with the muscle maestros when you know what they’re talking about. Scroll down, remember these words and you can thank us later.


You must have come across this word a lot if not in the gym then surely on Instagram captions. Being called shredded is like a verification badge for being an eye-candy and won’t you like to be one? Shredded is a body type with maximum defined muscles, especially the abs. Being shredded is a dedicated affair of maintaining low-level fats with a consistent diet and workout.


Max out 

The term max-out means the heaviest weight one can lift for a single repetition with proper posture and technique. Hence, to max out means to max out your physical threshold to do the same weight lifting rep for the day. When you keep repeating the weight RM, your body exhausts the energy to do it in a right form. This kind of max out training helps you to evaluate  your strength so that you combine it accordingly with lower weights and higher reps or vice versa.

heavy lifting

Go to failure

The beast mode comes with a breakdown, watch your gym buddies doing weight lifting and you’d stop wondering how the term “beast” makes justice. Go to failure is also known as a train to failure, where you just can’t do it anymore. It also has to deal with the mental and physical strength of the person training. Not a game for beginners, go to failure is for the pro level fellas!

go to failure

Hard Gainer

We all wish gaining muscle weight was as easy as gaining fats. Someone should introduce pizza to gain muscle mass, comment below if you agree. Hard Gainer is a person who has difficulty to gain weight muscles, especially a person with a lanky ectomorphic structure. If you’re a hard gainer, compared to others you’ll have to consume more calories to gain weight. Make sure to include protein and healthy fats in your diet to get rid of the label of a hard gainer.

hard gainer


Ever felt like you just can’t move your body anymore and wish to be in bed for eternity?! That’s called being bonked. When you’re bonked, you basically run out of stored energy in your body. When you’re training for hours or running in a marathon your body uses all the calories stored in your body, converting it into energy. This makes you feel tired and exhausted. The next time when you’re bonked, sit, take a deep breath and have a protein bar.



We live in a judgemental world, you get judged for being skinny and you can be judged for being overly muscular too. Sorry, but there’s no escape. A Quadzilla is a person with massive quadriceps, who fell deeply in love with leg days and never stopped doing those squats and leg press until they couldn’t fit in their pants. Next time you spot a quadzilla, be sure to not mock them because those legs can surely kick well.


Muscle confusion

As if life was less confusing, now we follow a workout trend to confuse our muscles. Just like the name suggests, Muscle Confusion is a combination of workouts to break the monotony of your muscles. When you train in a certain way every day, your muscles tend to get used to it. Muscle confusion helps to enhance the strength and threshold of your muscles by forcing them to develop in a different way than they’re used to.

muscle confusion


Swole is a quick add-on for dudes to show off their muscles. If you see your friend pumping up the muscles right before meeting his tinder date, he is trying to be swole. Swole which is taken from the word swollen, means making your muscles look more pumped up and tight.

toned muscular body

Beasting it up

If you’re into Crossfit or getting into it, be ready when your trainer will ask you to beast up. Beasting it up refers to completing as many reps as possible in a short period of time. The fat burning benefits of beasting up are quite higher than other workout training. You have to do multiple sets of basic exercises like box jumps and burpees with 30 seconds of rest in between.

beast mode

Now, that you’re not a wallflower anymore with the gym slangs, we hope it makes your gym journey easier. If you know other slangs that we didn’t mention above, be free to comment below and educate our gym squad!



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