Call it a cheat day or an all besties reunion, when it comes to eating out, we cannot stop but ponder over the menu and salivate over the delectable dishes of our favourite restaurant. But, when all these are going on in one part of the mind, the other half is carked by the calorie count of those lip smacking dishes. Well, we all go through this dilemma while deciding to go out, to choose a restaurant and finally ordering something tasty yet low on calories, and if we have that one friend who is a complete gourmand then, it becomes a tad too difficult not to gorge on what’s served on the table and be kind to the waistline. If you too have faced such difficulties when you eat out, this is for you!

These are 5 best ways to eat healthy in restaurants!

1.Don’t let your tummy growl

The thought of going out with your friends for a hearty meal might allure you and there’s nothing bad in that. We all have been there and done that! But, what we mean to say is don’t let the thought of gorging on the meal make you ignore the fact that excitement can make you miss your snacking and you end up being ravenous. As a result, you end up ordering whatever is available at the earliest and gorge on the full plate of starters. Oh yes, by then you have just wiped out the entire day’s calorie requirement.

Stomach Growling

2. Trust the transparent liquid

Sipping water at a regular interval and 15-20 minutes before any meal cuts down your appetite and helps you eat mindfully. As you already know, aerated drinks including soda contain empty calories, are loaded with sugar that prove to be dangerous for your waistline and can ruin an otherwise healthy meal. The healthy choice you can opt for is to chug water, black coffee or tea till the time your order comes. Moreover, if you are planning to down a couple of booze, go for on the rocks or with plain water. For your health’s sake, avoid those colourful syrups and sugary fruit juices as these can make your insulin level shoot up and the excess sugar is stored into your liver as glycogen and then as body fat.


3. Eating and chit chatting is not that bad at all

When eating out, remember that you are not on a food battle that you have to speed up to get the winner’s trophy! Going a little slower with your food helps you control overeating. Eat, chew, savour and talk for a couple of minutes with your friends or partner, give yourself the time to relish every bite and your friends and family the warmth of your presence and then, you can resume eating. Needless to say, you wouldn’t have any dearth of topic when you are surrounded by those lovely people in your life.

eating and chatting

4. Pick your Salad

Salads are awesome and we all know why! They are loaded with healthy fiber and makes the rest of your eating out experience attuned to your health goals. Moreover, it gives you an aura of self-consciousness to choose what’s right for your body. Just make sure to keep it simple, loaded with fiber and protein with the dressings on the side since the dressing can also contain excessive salt and fat. Or, if you are not feeling like having salad, order something that has more veggies or proteins such as broth based soups, grilled veggies, fish, chicken etc.


5. Choose Safe Side Dishes

Butter chicken, French fries, crispy shrimp might sound drool worthy, I’m sure they taste delectable too! But, unfortunately these are not safe for you when you are opting for eating out the healthy way. Such side dishes with rich aroma and taste can drastically raze your diet chart. Instead, order something that is healthy that’s sautéed, boiled or grilled.

Healthy Side dish

Eating out while keeping the calories in check is a challenge. Moreover, it becomes even daunting when you get to know the truth i.e. the restaurants are aware of the way to your heart and your pocket, that is your stomach. Delectable foods and beverages, astounding ambience and amazing people around you might make your mind skip the thought of calories, but the seemingly gorgeous foods might not be as beneficial when they enter your stomach. Your health suppresses a sigh since the sinful edibles can explode your dream of keeping your weight in check and creepily demolishes your thought of eating healthy. Here we’ve tried to help you to do some damage control by tweaking your eating-out plan. Let us know if you found this article helpful and we’ll come back with more interesting articles! Till then, stay fit, stay happy!


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