Wow! How amazing that would be if you have to do a little tango between the sheets and get your calorie in check? Well, our conscience have us guess that the answer is an emphatic yes. And for those whose eyes are glittering with a naughty smile in lips, well, yes, sex is considered as a moderate exercise but again that depends on how intense and active you get *wink wink*! So, let’s get into the teeny-weeny details of sexercise!

The intense act has many benefits other than being mentally satisfying and deepening the bonds between two. Here are some reasons why sex can or cannot be considered as exercise:

Sex burn calories

Yeah buddy, it does! It’s a physical activity that increases your heartbeat and burns an average 90 calories for women and 120 calories for men. But, to lose weight, gain stamina, or noticeable change which a consistent workout can give, mere mortals have to struggle to up their game, even then, it would not be enough, sadly!

An hour of sexercise means….

Sweating out at the gym to torch your calories after spending an hour of cardio or circuit training sounds intimidating. But, according to studies, an intense sex lasts only about 6-10 minutes. Unfortunately, this cannot help you burn the amount of calories you might need to lose some weight or get in shape. And, if you have passed your salad days, you are far away from reaching such intensity of this moderate calorie burning exercise, as studies say, people above 30s have sex less than four times a week.


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A light cardio you might say…

You would like to call your action between the sheets, as alight cardio, if not a full-fledged workout. Yes, it boosts immunity and relieves stress, akin to a cardio session. The “average” sex session lasts about 6- 10 minutes and burns between 50 and 100 calories which cannot be considered as workout per se. So, if your fitness goal is to stay active, then this can be your wisest choice and we know how your mind is bubbling with joyous emotions already!

Can Sexercise replace exercise?

On a serious note, sex can be an awesome way towards taking your mind off some strenuous and stressful experiences, but certainly it cannot replace a rigorous sweat-sesh at gym. Get your blood pumping and calories torching while having a private session with your partner but, as far as your fitness and health are concerned, you better opt for a real sweat-sesh at the gym and you can reap the countless benefits of this sweaty affair in your life, including your saucy activities behind the closed door.

The Bottom Line is…

Here you go…sex might be considered as an activity that burns some amounts of calories while bringing near similar benefits of low intensity exercising, but it certainly cannot be mooted as exercise. So, you might have to consider a few things before you instantaneously cancel your gym membership. Your muscle definition and body toning or any fitness goals surely cannot be achieved if you consider this act of motion as your training regimen.

bottom line-sexercise

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So, here is the real picture! This simple act in bed can give a boost to your happiness, but to make it look like an exercise, you might have to integrate different positions and consider increasing the time that is beyond the capability of mere humans. Hence, let that be an act to ameliorate the bonding between you and your partner; but for your physical fitness, trust exercising as the best choice. Let us know what you think in the comments section below! Till then, stay healthy, stay happy!


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