From growing a badass beard that turns heads on the streets to being a beast between the sheets that ladies would die for, at the base of all these badass achievements is this one hormone: The Man Code- Testosterone!

Studies have shown that not only does having an optimum testosterone level help you combat depression, build muscle mass and increase your desire for power, but it also has a direct bearing on your sexuality! How? Well, various research show that men who projected more power and dominance were consistently able to woo more women than men with lower levels of testosterone.

In fact, testosterone is the key to making the manliest man alive! And today, we shall have a look at how to keep your testosterone levels up! Ready? Here we go:

Get Some Workout

Boost Testosterone

One of the most effective and proven ways to give your testosterone levels a boost is by working out. In fact, recent studies, including one from University of Southern California show that sometimes even 15 minutes of workout can elevate your testosterone levels. The best form of workout is weight training! Why? Testosterone is one of the key ingredients necessary for repairing muscles and as you lift weights and workout, the body is forced to boost the testosterone levels and nothing is better for building muscles than some good old-fashioned iron pumping!

Eat Protein, Fat And Carbs

Boost Testosterone

Apart from your exercise, what you eat too has a massive bearing on your hormone levels, including testosterone. Overeating or eating junk can disrupt your testosterone level while making you obese, which again has a negative impact on your body in more ways than one. Increasing your protein intake can help you maintain an optimum level of testosterone while also aiding fat loss. Carbs play an important role in regulating your testosterone level, especially when you are lifting weights. Healthy fats like those found in fish, nuts and seeds also boost testosterone production. As an added benefit, they also reduce your blood cholesterol and lower your risk of diabetes among many other benefits.

Minimize Stress

Boost Testosterone

Many studies have shown that long-term exposure to stress can spike your cortisol levels. A high cortisol is a bad news for your testosterone! Not just that, an increased cortisol level can also increase food intake, fat accumulation in the body and aid weight gain, all of which affect the testosterone level badly. This is why it is important to manage stress. Yoga, cardio, pilates and even martial arts are some amazing ways to reduce your stress while giving your physical activities a boost. A balanced diet, 7 hours of sleep and some great laughter session with your loved ones also go a long way in combating stress.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Boost Testosterone

Even as you pump iron at the gym or do whatever else it is that badass men do to spend time, do not forget to hit the sack for a 7-hour undisturbed sleep. Your body produces testosterone in a rhythm, with mornings being the peak while the levels dip in the evenings.In fact, the production of testosterone begins when you are deep in your sleep. This is basically your brain preparing your body for the next day. Conversely, it has been found that men who get less than 5 hours of sleep have near deficient testosterone levels. Some of the ways to improve your sleep quality are to shut off your phone, switch off all the lights, and exercise.

Stay Away From Alcohol

Boost Testosterone

Sure alcohol has come to be associated with manliness. In fact, boys challenge each other about who can drink the other under the table! But the fact is that alcohol consumption can wreak havoc on your testosterone levels. For example, beer, as manly a drink as can get, has been shown to contain phytoestrogen and prolactin. Both these chemicals increase the level of estrogen while bringing down the testosterone level. Estrogen is the female sex hormone, so essentially drinking each other under the table isn’t exactly boosting your manliness, in fact quite the opposite. Not just that, ethanol as such is toxic to your testosterone. Multiple studies have linked excessive alcohol consumption to reduced testosterone levels, fertility, and fertility.

Testosterone is more than just a hormone, it is the essence of being a man! And if you follow the above simple yet super effective steps and do your testosterone levels a favour, they will return the favour by making you one of the manliest man alive. Peace out!



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  2. The body is compelled to increase testosterone levels while you lift weights and exercise, and nothing works better for growing muscles than some good ol’ iron pumping! Testosterone is one of the essential components needed for healing muscles.


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