How deep is your love?! We know how amazing it feels to be in love; it makes us shine in the glory, enhances our mood and happy feeling, strengthens the bond- possibly the wonderful feeling and the miraculous medicine. But what if we say, it truly is that miraculous medicine, the magic potion, the secret ingredient of life that gives you a better health and makes you even more beautiful? Let’s decode what happens to your health and beauty when you take your love to the next level. Recite the golden words – “Being sexual is more fun when it’s consensual” and get ready for the tango between the sheets because according to the studies, having sex has multiple health and beauty benefits and it can make you live longer too. It’s a win-win; pleasure meets health benefits kinda action. Ain’t you excited to know more? Read on!

Now, getting back to the busy-mess,

Health Benefits of Having Sex:

Improves heart health

Ever heard the saying “Sex is Cardio”, sex like any other physical activities, pump up your heart and boosts the blood circulation. It reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and stroke. Research says men who have sex more than two times a week have better heart health than those who don’t. Bonus? It even helps to burn out calories! The studies claim that men burn 4 calories a minute, while women burn 2-3 calories on an average of 25 minutes of the session. Now you know what’s better than doing a mock run on a treadmill.

Heart health

Lowers the blood pressure

While having sex your brain releases a hormone called Endorphins which helps to boosts your mood and help to calm you down. It also prevents the increase in blood pressure thus helping your blood to maintain it’s flow even during stressful activities.

low blood pressure

Relieves menstrual cramps/pain

Let’s just say that pain needs a distraction to fade. A romantic sesh with your partner not just releases the happy hormone cutting down your pain but it also changes your cranky mood. Studies show that the excitement during the session relieves the stress in the muscles of your uterus thus reducing your menstrual cramps. Woot woot!

menstrual cramps

Reduces the risk of prostate cancer

Men who are sexually active are at lower risk of developing prostate cancer. Sex clears the prostate of cancer which otherwise tends to accumulate, linger and triggers cancerous changes. So let it go, let it flow.. cancer will never bother you anyway! (Damn, Demi is gonna hate us!)

prostate cancer

Makes your bones strong

We know you just can’t process how having sex can strengthen your bones?! According to studies your body boosts the Oestrogen level which prevents the chances of Osteoporosis – thinning of bone condition. Thus, maintaining your bone’s strength and structure.

strong bones

Beauty Benefits of Having Sex:

Your skin looks youthful

It’s not a myth that your skin look youthful when you’re sexually active, or let’s just be cliche’ and say that when you’re in love. A research says that people “in love” who’re sexually active look 5 to 7 years younger than their actual age. Ahem! Now you know the secret of your couple friends. It just ain’t the highlighter, hun.

Control wrinkles and fine lines

When you have sex your body releases Oestrogen, which helps to make your skin plump. A skin plumped is protected against dryness, wrinkles and fine lines. When the Oestrogen level drops, the skin starts showing the signs of aging and thus a boost of Oestrogen is important every now and then.

controls wrinkles and fine lines

Makes you more appealing

This fact may sound like a real-life sex magnet. When you’re sexually active your body releases a hormone called pheromones which makes you sexually attractive to the opposite sex. In easier words, pheromones increase your sex appeal. Science can be funny, isn’t it?

sex appeal

Makes you glow

Forget all those faux pas commercials of getting glowy skin, go get to action instead. Not kidding! Studies reveal that sex pumps higher level of oxygen in the body. This enhances the blood flow along with the nutrients to your skin and promotes the cell renewal process. This makes your skin look glowy and naturally flushed.

glowing skin

Fights stress and make you look cheerful

Sex boosts your heart to release the happy hormone called – Serotonin that lifts your mood and relieves yours from stress and anxiety. That moment when you feel happy and relaxed after having sex is because of Serotonin. It fades the signs of anxiety from your face and makes you look calm, cheerful and relaxed.

fights stress

Who knew that orgasm can do so much? Well, now that you do, you can thank us in the comments below. Share this article with your friends to acknowledge the benefits of sex and to remove the taboo from the fact that you can’t speak about sex in a good light. You truly can and we surely will!



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