The fit mommies are taking Instagram by storm and it is needless to say the Kardashians top the list! The talk of the Insta-town is Khloe and with the fitness dedication she has been showing post-pregnancy, we can’t keep our cool. If you follow the K-Clan you must be in awe with the cute baby pictures of Khloe’s daughter, True Thompson, that Khloe keeps on posting. Simultaneously, her stories sing a different tune altogether. Belly fat and Kardashians don’t get along and Khloe has been giving out this message loud and clear in her stories. The intense workout selfies and videos are charging up the nation with a lesson or two for all the new mommies out there.


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All about Khlo-Fit!

The story highlight “Khlo-Fit” on Khloe’s Instagram profile can be a major fitness turn on and we don’t blame you for swooning over it. Sadly, not everyone can afford to read what Khloe thinks about her post-pregnancy diet on her blog. But luckily for us, the famous personal trainer of Kardashians – Joel Bouraima always has few words to talk about his popular clients. Coach Joe has been making the Kardashians train since years, safer to say he knows how to mold you into a cover girl. Keep reading to know a gist of just how you can get that oomphy bod like Khloe!

“all bout the bass, bout the bass, no treble”

No werk, no fame – the 33 years old Khloe slayed with her prego belly and now putting the insta stories on fiyah! Know now, know how – Not the kind to chill with fats, Khloe started to work out right after her pregnancy, first going slow and then kicking off the furious pilot mode. The result is jaw-dropping and here is what she does what she does, according to Coach Joe.

Khloe fit

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Khloe’s fitness routine:

Coach Joe believes that the body is most vulnerable post pregnancy and it’s very important to go slow when you have to take care of the lil one while your body is still sensitive Khloe went on 2 weeks of body warming session to avoid heavy workout and exhaustion. She started with basic warm up  routines that include jumping jack, squats, push-ups, lunges, etc. Warming up stimulates the body’s mechanism and preps it for the workout.

Your body knows you the best, and hence, post pregnancy is not the time to judge your strength and exceed your threshold. Khloe believes in, “Do legs if you can do that, do arms if that feels like the thing to do.” Khloe didn’t go on a cray beast mode to shed those fats. Khloe knows that your body is healing post pregnancy and it’s not advisable to do anything that damages the muscles. Her favorite workout includes planks and mountain climbers by adding a Bosu ball which is effectively used in abs workout.

Khoe Kardashian

Khloe and her Instagram is all about the hardcore workout in beast mode, but Coach Joe has no intention to start this anytime after pregnancy. He says that he doesn’t push it much but train Khloe like an athlete. Along with the basic workouts like biceps curls and leg curls, Khloe also works on enhancing the overall endurance with weight lifting and next level cardio.

Khloe’s diet:

Khloe tries to avoid Carbs for the most part of the day. Her healthy intake includes protein shakes after workout followed by turkey, sweet potatoes or a salad for lunch. The post pregnancy diet should be easy for the body and cutting down completely on carbs will result in low energy. Balancing that, Khloe counts her carbs keeping it as low as possible. Khloe also tweeted saying, “Dieting is great but dieting doesn’t typically create long-lasting results. I also believe that working out is so incredibly healthy and should be done by each individual’s own rhythm of life. There’s no one size fits all in health and fitness.”


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That’s all from Coach Joe on how Khloe went back from a cute belly bomb to smoking toned star!  And here you go with Khloe’s baby fat burning routine, take a tip or two and you never know you might end up looking like a gorgeous cousin of Kardashian! Shower your comments below and don’t forget to share with your loved ones! Till then, stay fit, stay gorgeous!



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