The contagious smile on the face with a happy go lucky appeal, this Rajasthan born Bangalore based 30 years young entrepreneur, has a lot in store for you even if you are not a fitness enthusiast. Well, we found him at one of the fitness clubs in Bangalore. His amazing performances at the TRX and Grit series classes made us really gasp in astonishment. His performances are out of the world, his workout techniques are neat, his knowledge about fitness, nutrition, workouts is astounding; of course, we’re talking about a runner, a trekking enthusiast, Mountaineer, and Brand Ambassador of Puma, Ankit Bhandari. The man who has come a long way and redefined dedication and commitment, his story is an inspiration to many like us. So, stay with us to know more about him.


This Finance graduate has never ever, in his dream, had thought of running a marathon or participating in Devil’s Circuit. He was flying high as an investment banker at J P Morgan Chase, Northern Trust, 50 Wall Street. His love for food and wanderlust made him travel to places around the world. His job had money, fame, fun, comfort everything but according to him, he felt he was missing something in his life, there was something that he has been waiting to happen, to make him take a leap for his passion and fly higher. His frustration was piling up, his fears of getting stuck in the rut started clouding his mind and it was when he decided to start taking health as a means to relieve the stress and frustrations he has been dealing with in the past. It was his choice to live a healthier and fitter life that gave him the courage and motivation to think out loud and do something that can instill the ambrosia of life in him and inspire him to tick his to-do’s off the list.

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High intensity Jumps at 4.1 Feet ??

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And then came the moment when he decided to quit his job and start his own venture, The Music House. Ankit has always been a sports enthusiast and an amazing learner. His venture is a reflection of his love for music and his flair for playing hang drum or Percussion vessel. A small shift in his decision made him come alive-physically and mentally. His life started revving up with a new speed when this junk loving soul, the impulsive eater, and no-weight-checker put his best foot forward to make healthy choices for his body and mind. Honestly, while interviewing this young man, we couldn’t stop wondering about his incessant vigour and exuberance when he said, “I stayed away from all kind of physical activity, stopped going to gym, stuffed myself with junks day in and day out just to get the answer from within.” He gained weight, started looking bulgy and feeling miserable. For 45 days he didn’t think about his health and fitness to know the worth of fitness in his life. It was until one day that he felt he is not enjoying his life and the missing link is his healthy fitness habits. He then started from the scratch and began working towards attaining his fitness goals which also involved enormous study in diet & nutrition, fitness and health and from then it was just the story he always wished to write about himself- a successful businessman, a trekker, an influencer, a musician, a marathoner, a sports nutritionist – life just unfolded its arms and he was there to embrace all that life was throwing at him, “All because of a shift in decision—to make health and fitness the top priority,” says the bearded devil. Not just that, he was one of the 50 wonderfully talented people to trek to the tenth highest peaks in the world and one of the Seven Summits, Mount Elbrus in Russia. It takes a heart of steel and ironlike will to survive at -35 degree Celsius for 8 long days at Mount Elbrus and reinforce his passion for wanderlust.


We all know how family plays an important role in shaping the way live and Ankit’s family had always been his biggest support in his journey. Born in a conservative family, his eating habits invited scowls and frowns as he started taking special diet consultations to cut down the excess weight that he has gained in the process to find his destination. He says, “I followed a strict diet for 180 days without taking one single cheat day and worked out religiously. After that I was as great as I always wanted to be—I am still in the process of creating a better me, till then I am running in a ‘Work In Progress’ command.”

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From a sports lover to an obese to a Marathoner and Puma brand ambassador for running—Ankit has come a long way. His perseverance, his risk-taking attitude has the zeal that reflects in the way he armed himself with the best of learnings from his trials and errors. Gympik wishes this dapper dude best of luck for his amazing future and a hearty congratulation for being such an inspiration to all who think life is unfair. He signs off saying, “A healthy body is an abode to a happy mind. Keep fueling it to live life and it can surprise you in the most unexpected way. Just don’t stop living the moment.”


  1. Brilliant bro
    U r a true inspiration to many of us
    Your story is something that will be cherish for a long long time Ahead buddy
    Keep up the great work
    Enjoy the moment and keep us motivated

    It’s all the fact buddy
    And the truth always feels good
    U deserve it

    • Great to read of your journey and your will and determination to reach your desired goals. Like the saying goes ‘Where there’s a will there’s a way’ It starts with making a decision and sticking to it no matter what. All the best for your future! God bless!

  2. That is the exact way of body transformation, every IT geek wants and you inspired many of us.
    Thank your for being such an inspiration Ankit.
    Stay blessed!!

  3. You have made your life a masterpiece with no limitations!!! Ankit, learning becomes a gift when pain is your teacher!
    Kuddos to your efforts.. keep shining and keep inspiring!

  4. Hey hungry man ?… ?
    U are doing such an amazing job. U are such an amazing man and I really appreciate your efforts full of enthusiasm. U are a person full of life. Keep your spirit high and keep motivating people around you.
    Stay bless n happy always.

  5. Hello super-muscleman ??
    You are super-amazing and a super-beautifull soul !!
    Your story is a motivation-Boost for all !
    your doing a super-wonderfull job by inspiring people with your work and words!

    Keep rocking ??
    God bless !

  6. Hats off Sir…… You are truly amazing and leading us to know how to live fit. As I know you are truly helping, kind, courtesy and a amazing human being. May god give you all heights and tremendous happiness and success in life…..
    To end with i will definitely take tips from you to live fit, healthy, happy and stress free life.

  7. That’s an astonishing transformation story. A perfect resonance of diet and exercise with a will of transformation, this man is a perfect motivational example for all who wanna loose weight or expect a drastic transformation, what keeps them away from achieving is the effort, the will to transform with a strong practice of self control.
    Hats off to this man…
    Keep motivating bro..


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