The world we live in is occupied with people whose lives are stuck in the rut, whose goals centre around making money and that’s the number we are worried about more and more. But, there is a world that exists where people take fitness as a religion and worship it as devotees. Romit Baweja is one of them whose story starts with a bang from no fitness to the fitness warrior. Experiencing his life at both the spectrum of health—Romit has proved that getting a ripped body is tough but never impossible. Let’s hear the story from the hero himself who has chased his dreams to become one of the inspirations by winning the challenges life threw at him.

romit baweja

An entrepreneur, a fitness enthusiast, actor, model, and sports persona Romit’s idea of fitness is to continuously meliorate his body and mind to excel at his endeavors. Working out and staying motivated towards it is a tough task and Romit is one of the lot who not only stands as a sheer example of the glories that hard work can grant us, but also motivates us to get enough inspiration that can keep us going for years to come.

When asked about how fitness became a part of his life, Romit says, “A series of incidents have made me realize that fitness is the sure shot thing that can give me what I’m looking for. A year back, I suffered severe losses in my business and personal life and went under acute depression which resulted in excessive weight gain. I weighed more than 100kgs and my immunity was at an all-time low. It took me 6-months of strict routine, hard work and of course, the love and support of my family and friends to get back to life and lose almost 35 kgs. It was a turning point of my life that fetched a lot of attention from the show biz. I started getting modelling and acting offers. Making fitness a lifestyle choice was not easy and it took me a lot of will-power, and mental strength to follow a strict regime, but it paid off.”

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At some point in life we all hit that motivational plateaus but the idea is to keep going with stronger determination and perseverance to make the goal seem worth the pain and patience, and Romit’s story is just the right example for many of us who think fitness is just a way to look good. “Fitness has made me more confident and focused as an individual, which I never thought was possible for a person like me. Regular exercise helped me cope with my depression, stress, and mental agony that have been spiflicating me for months,” says Romit who thinks fitness is a conscious choice that leads you to a greater success.

romit's workout

With the mantra to love life and body- truly, madly, deeply, Romit gets closer to his goal with each passing day, trying to make the benefits of a good dose of workout seep into the soul, motivate others to achieve their fitness goals, and spread happiness that a great body and mind is capable of achieving. “Money cannot buy you happiness but fitness can. If you want to achieve success in life, be fit first – the combination of a fit mind and body is the right recipe for success,” says the 32 years old.

Watch the workout video of this debonair gentleman:

People like Romit are real life heroes who inspire us to beat the obstacles and reign life like a King. They are the ones who motivate us to bear the pain, gasp, cry when frustrated yet emerge from the wrecks with a smile on the face—and they are the inspirations and reasons why even if we fail, we choose not to give up and move forward to better ourselves, every single day!

So, what’s your reason to skip the gym today if you still haven’t realized the power you have within? If you have a success story to share, let us know in the comments section below. Till then, stay fit, who knows you could be the inspirations for many out there!


  1. Romit is an inspiration for many and specially for fitness minded people! His love for life and body as a temple ideology is commendable…

  2. Romit is an inspiration for everyone wanting to get serious about fitness and lead a good healthy life..All the very best bro..


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