Most people, especially women, believe that cardio is their best shot at losing weight. Go to any gym or fitness center, you are bound to see that most people hit the treadmill or cross trainer until they drop — Hoping they’d also drop off those kilos with this. But the question of how much and what kind of cardio you should actually do in order to lose weight remains. Read on to find an answer to this right now!

Cardio Workouts for weight loss

Let’s keep it simple

Cardio workouts are basically the ones that pump up your heart rate. A higher heart rate implies you’re burning more calories. And it’s pretty obvious that it’ll burn more calories, higher heart rate consumes more calories kinds! Clear the fog and get a clear picture. Cardio workouts can range from a fun Zumba session to any other form of aerobic exercise and treadmill and running are other inclusions of this list.

Cardio Workout - Let’s keep it simple

So how much cardio should you do to lose weight?

Simply put, as much as your body requires. If you’re planning on doing a 3 hours cardio on a Sunday and bunk all the other days of workout then you can bid a sweet goodbye to you losing weight goals. The right amount of cardio would be somewhere between 30-45 minutes a day for 3-4 days in a week. But this is a very general suggestion. Every person’s body has a different way to respond to different workouts and workout regimes should be planned accordingly.

Cardio Workouts - How much cardio to do?

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What happens when you do the right amount of cardio?

Your metabolism spikes up and you start burning calories. Pretty close to what you exactly wanted! But to keep your weight loss graph on the way up, you might want to add a little weight training and do some high intensity workouts too. This balance of cardio and strength or weight training will keep you from gaining those pounds back.

Cardio Workouts - Good Amount of Cardio Helps in Weight Loss

What if I do only cardio maybe even too much?

You’ll lose your body’s structure. When you lose weight but not work on toning the muscles there’s a very good chance that you’ll end up losing your muscle mass too. So if you’re just starting off then it would be a good idea to go on with cardio. But once you’ve started losing weight start off with toning and conditioning.

Cardio Workouts - Too Much Cardio is Too Bad

No fad diets or fasting

Just because you have to create a calorie deficit to grind those kilos off your waist, doesn’t mean you need to fast or diet like insane. *knock knock!* *Who’s there?* *Eating* *Eating who?* *Duh! Eating Healthy!.* There’s always a way of eating healthy that’s both filling and satisfying. And this is not a myth!

Cardio Workouts - No Fad Diets Or Fasting

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As a matter of fact when considering workouts for weight loss, cardio is not your only option but it’s a good one. Consider the balance and you definitely won’t have further weight gain. Anytime a healthy diet and a good session of workout will set you right on your path to a healthier you. If this article has helped you then let the ripple continue by sharing. Let us know your thoughts too in the comments section below!



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