Meet Zareen, the fitness inspiration who is changing lives even as you read this article. Zareen is blessed with an Army upbringing and being in a family where both her parents were actively into fitness and sports, she grew up with a similar inclination towards being fit! She started off as an athlete in her school and college days and excelled in sports. With time, her interest towards fitness kept growing that led her to take up fitness as a profession. The fit girl then grew up to be a fitness fanatic with shredded muscles. What came next for her was getting married and having kids. Nevertheless, she never stopped experimenting with different forms of fitness activities to keep herself active and fit. In the lieu of getting you fitness inspiration, we thought we’d bring you the story of how Zareen metamorphosed from a girl next door to being a sought after fitness instructor in town!


Getting fit with Zareen – How it started

After undergoing c-section for delivering her son, Zareen decided to take up core training, primarily to recover her postpartum paunch. And the tryst to find the right workouts and diet for herself  led Zareen to educate herself on fitness. As a person who believes in ‘Do before you preach’, she worked hard on herself first and won back the once lost six pack abs in just 5 months of her c-section . Zareen got hitched to fitness so much that she decided to take it up as her one and only way to reach out people who need guidance and support in the fitness arena.

Career and certifications

Zareen moved from being an educator to a fitness expert. She took  up her passion for strength and good health as a career goal and got herself certified as a personal trainer from ABS Fitness Academy, Pune. She then continued working closely with gynaecologists to develop her training skills in post-natal fitness. She also holds a Reebok Group Fitness Certification, Master Functional Training Certification, and a Diploma in Dietetics and Nutrition.

What she has in store for you?

Zareen  customizes fitness plans for all her clients. All this after she’s checked their medical reports to ensure everything goes perfectly well with her clients. The workouts are detailed and concentrate on general core muscle conditioning and strengthening. All the way from getting your techniques and forms right to everything else in between; Zareen coaches you on all of it!

Fit With Zareen

For diet as well, Zareen strongly propagates the consumption of natural and healthy foods. Clean eating is what she advices and her clients now pick better and healthier meal options concluding in results that are longer lasting.

Since Zareen’s expertise lies in core strengthening, she designs her plans around Body strength training, Yoga, Callisthenics, and Cross functional training. Her coaching works miracles and clients have testified this over and over. It’s pretty impressive how she is changing the lives of thousands of women and guiding them towards moving into a healthy and fit lifestyle and motivating them to aspire for a better body, mind, and soul by religiously following her diet and workout plans.

Fit With Zareen - 2

What you can learn (takeaways):

A fitness inspiration that she is, Zareen stands for making more women fit, healthy and strong that enable them to become a newer improved version of themselves. She pins her faith on the ideal that everyone and everything in life serves a purpose in the path of soul growth. The idea is to keep going.

Zareen has achieved a lot, true that, but her life wasn’t really a bed of roses. Life kept throwing personal and mental challenges at her and Zareen bounced back like a Superstar, every single time. Tough times are to test tough people, and when it comes to Zareen, she’s left no stone untouched to keep her focus right.  She kept digging deeper into physical and mental strength to help herself and others to reach better levels of fitness- both emotionally and physically. Hats off to her for the amazing job she’s been doing to transform lives and making motherhood really exciting!

Zareen - Fitness

That’s Zareen for you folks! You can find and connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Get inspired, get fit!

A Quote from lady herself:

I believe every woman is a powerhouse of talent and strength. And I sincerely wish women take their fitness as a priority as Physical fitness has a ripple effect on emotional and mental strength.

We can’t agree more with her and congratulate her for being an epitome of strength!

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  1. Thanks for being an inspiration for all those who aspire to be fit. You make fitness look easy and interesting. Keep up the good work. Kudos!

    • Hey Asif,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us. Keep reading our blog for more such interesting stories! 🙂

  2. Hey Archana you are doing a great job by sharing her Stories. Am following her since long time, and always wait for her next post.l in IG. Loved the way you described it.

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  5. Zhareen fitness is just a money making business plan. She is a very rude women and don’t treat people with respect. Don’t waste your money. There are lot of fitness trainer who can help you.

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