Talking about chasing your dreams, did you know PV Sindhu quit her well paying job just to pursue her love for badminton? But we guess all the appreciation of her doing so well seems to have masked her hard work. It just wouldn’t be wrong to admit that all of us are head over heels in love with this fantastic badminton player! Her impeccable performance on courts, her amazing footwork and her comebacks; everything is absolutely awe inspiring. But what keeps this girl on her feet and active? Here’s a sneak peak into her fitness regimen. Because when you can be absolutely anything, then you better be the very best only.PV Sindhu - Badminton

This Olympic star doesn’t really have an easy day. Given her 8 hours training regimen, the most admirable thing about Sindhu is that she loves it all. Every part of her training and strict diet there’s nothing that Sindhu dislikes. Probably she knows well that though the training phase is bitter it’s only for her to get better with every training, every match and every shot too! So, for all you die hard fans and also those who are looking to get struck by inspiration, here is the one and only PV Sindhu’s diet and workout regimen. Before you decide to follow her footprints, make sure you’re headstrong enough to dedicate yourself to it, for Rome wasn’t built in a day!PV Sindhu_Badminton

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Workout Regimen: 

Are you an early bird yet? If no, then it’s time! Sindhu gets up as early as 3:30 AM. Some of us begin our sleep at that time – we know! She begins her training with her coach Gopichand at 4:00-4:30 AM and that goes on until 6 or 7 AM when she breaks for breakfast. A single session of Sindhu’s regimen can go upto a thousand shuttles and more. Her schedule has almost 6-7 hours of training and mind you, she trains six days a week!

Her workout regimen is a perfect conflation of cardio, strength, flexibility and hence, it includes a lot of activities like yoga, pranayama, running, swimming and lots more. Oh and by the way, she does at least a 100 push ups and 200 sit ups every-damn-day. All this with no complaints whatsoever. Try doing that over a week and let us not see you whine!PV Sindhu_Badminton-Workout


Sindhu does not take the liberty of eating anything she wants. She religiously follows her prescribed diet and does not question it at all. If we had to sum up Sindhu’s diet then it’d be all about high proteins and zero sugars! She starts her day with milk, eggs, and a bowl of fresh fruits for breakfast. Here is how the diet plan looks like:

Breakfast – Milk, eggs and a bowl of fresh fruits
Hydrates – All through the day! Water, liquids, gatorade whatever she can get her hands on
Snacks – Small bowl of fruits, and/or dried fruits
Lunch – Rice, meat and loads of veggies
Dinner – Rice, meat and veggies

Sindhu ensures she carries her on-the-go snacks with her in the kit bag. She doesn’t believe in excuses and the results are right there. Her diet schedule is designed a month in advance, so no scope for misses at all. And of course her diet is planned to give her enough energy and endurance throughout. Her cheat meal day favourite list includes biryani (damn, she’s definitely Hyderabadi at heart!), sweet curd, and ice-cream. But she’s allowed these only once in a blue moon – and we mean it literally!

PV Sindhu_Badminton-Diet

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So that was the wonder girl, PV Sindhu’s diet and workout regimen. Want to be like her? Take the first step to be in the fitness and start training right now. If you like this article then forget to like and share. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is purely research based and the workouts mentioned in the chart are suggested by Gympik’s expert trainers.

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