Ever since Tiger entered the industry, his impeccable physique has been making quite some noise. He has desirable washboard abs, sculpted arms, and shoulders like Adonis – the Greek god! Now, who doesn’t want that? Surely we don’t have a genie to grant us with a dreamy body over the night but just like Tiger Shroff, we can train hard dedicatedly to get that body-ody! Serve it.

Master the workout moves of this fittest Bollywood star Tiger Shroff, it won’t be easy but taking it as a challenge is exciting, right? Cue up the Jawani anthem from SOTY-2 while you get ready to pump up his moves.

Tiger Shroff’s full body workout:

Weight training:

Tiger dedicates most of his time in muscle and strength training, he does several variations of legs and arms. He does weight lifting which helps him to increase and improve the upper body strength. Tiger’s weight training includes arm workouts like bicep curls, reverse curls, one arm swing, cross body hammer curls, barbell curls, lying triceps press, etc. Tiger also does deadlifts, bench press, pull ups, push ups and lateral raises as his upper and core body workout.


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Gymnastics and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts):

We all have seen Tiger grooving so effortlessly, the flexibility he shows makes us wonder, does he even have bones?! The secret behind his insane flexibility is years and years of practicing gymnastics which is a proven way to increase strength, mobility, and flexibility. The additional perks of Gymnastics you may ask, the list includes balance of mind and body, while strengthening the core.

When it comes to cardio, Tiger likes to practice MMAas it helps to condition the muscles while burning the calories. It  also helps him sharpen the reflexes and increase mind-body coordination.


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You’ve probably seen Tiger doing fight sequences in movies before, and you’re gonna drool over his  action scenes again in Student of the Year 2. Now, we know those are choreographed actions with a lot of cinematic effects but do you know Tiger can do that in real life? Tiger has been learning kickboxing since an early age. Kickboxing is a great full body workout that combines both cardio and few moves of MMA. It helps Shroff to strengthen his core engaging full body muscles while working on his balance, coordination, flexibility, reflexes, etc. during his action scenes. Kickboxing is an ideal cross-training workout that helps Tiger to reduce stress and maintain his correct posture.


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Tiger Shroff’s power diet:

Tiger has been doing action movies ever since his debut and that requires him to keep his body extremely toned, almost like a superhero (remember the movie – A Flying Jatt?). Just like any other Athlete, Tiger chooses to keep his diet cast-iron that includes less of carbohydrates and more protein. For SOTY-2, Shroff went on a caveman’s diet that is free of sugar, rice, and grains. Tiger only sticks to fruits, vegetables, and animal-derived proteins. To break the diet monotony Tiger celebrates his cheat days on Sundays enjoying ice creams and chocolates. Imagining such a macho guy having an ice cream is itself a sight to not miss, agree?



There’s a Tiger in each of us, let your inner self roar out and hit the gym right away. Who knows you can be the next student of the year?! *wink* To check amazing fitness center options in your area go to gympik.com and let your fitness journey get started.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is purely research based and the workouts mentioned in the chart are suggested by Gympik’s expert trainer.


  1. The famous son has a muscular physique and six-pack abs. Tiger looks up to Bruce Lee and has studied martial arts. He is very dedicated to his fitness and goes to the gym on a regular basis without missing a beat.

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