A rock climber, a former runway model, former Miss Israel, a military girl, and a fitness enthusiast…. yeah, we are talking about the bad-ass Wonder Woman in the movie Wonder Woman! Gal Gadot made the men swoon over her skinny yet muscular body and gave major fitness goals to the women out there. Standing alongside with the superheroes with enticing élan and fitting perfectly into Wonder Woman’s shoes wasn’t a cakewalk.  Well, we can see what an amazing job she did playing Wonder Woman and can guess the amount of sweat, pains and cries have been ignored and strangled to make that incredibly power-packed body!  If you are wondering what the Wonder Woman did to get that ‘wonder’ful bod, we’re here to throw some light on this!

The ravishing beauty whose role has stirred the nation with undisputed charm has a lot to say about her rigorous workout which includes martial arts, kickboxing, kung fu, Jiu-Jitsu, sword fighting, intense cardio workouts, strength training, TRX, Pilates etc. Not unacquainted with exhaustive workouts, actor Gal Gadot shares some of the workouts that have helped her carve the muscles and achieved the body to die for.


Wonder Woman’s Workout Regimen

When asked about the workout regimen, Gadot said, “I feel like I’ve been given a huge opportunity to inspire people, not only women. And not because of me but because of who Wonder Woman is and what she stands for. There’s a lot of responsibility.” A sports enthusiast, a trained dancer and fitness buff, Gadot has always been into fitness. Let’s look at Gal Gadot’s workout regimen that made her body seamlessly fit into Wonder Woman’s character.

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wonder woman barbell workout

Full body workout

  • Gal’s excruciating workout in is a combination of martial arts, cardio training, circuit training and weight training.
  • Her cardio training is a way to invigorate endurance level and speed.
  • Strength training is a means to get the toned and chiselled abs and muscles in the body.
  • Moreover, she also does full body workouts including TRX and Pilates, that, apart from melting the unwanted fat in the body, give her the muscular yet feminine shape.
  • She focuses on switching different exercises to achieve the best results.

Download the workout chart to get a body like Wonder Woman

The Diet Plan of Wonder Woman

A body like none other than the Wonder Woman might require a crucial diet plan, you might think! And foodies like us hate to follow a diet even it means to get a drool-worthy body! But guess what, the Wonder Woman is just like one of us, a foodie by heart yet a true believer of choosing the right food for the body as much as possible, to yield the best results. She doesn’t restrict her choice when it comes to food, but she focuses on the portions. Some of the important things she has to say about food while maintaining a fit and well-nourished body include the below suggestions. She says, “Poor nutrition and inadequate sleep reduce the effectiveness of weight training by 20-30%.”

  • Loads of colourful veggie intake that ensures you have a healthy gut and required vitamins and minerals intake.
  • Water hydrates the body and flushes out toxins. Guzzle down gallons of water to improve endurance level.
  • Mix lean meats and veggies to balance the diet and give your body enough protein to tone and build muscles.

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wonder woman crawl workout

“I believe that what we put in our bodies will reflect on the outside.”Says Gadot! Yeah, something we’ve heard in the past, sounds like golden words when we see the difference it can make! After all, it’s coming from someone as strong and fit like the Wonder Woman herself!

Disclaimer: The content in this article is purely research based and the workouts mentioned in the chart are suggested by Gympik’s expert trainer.


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