We all know how it is, isn’t it? Come January, we are completely aboard the freaky fitness funk train, being very regular to the fitness centre and meeting our fitness goals with gusto. Fast forward a bit to the end of January or even February, and we find our motivation and enthusiasm for the fitness centre flagging. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that we’d rather not exercise at all!

Now, this is something we’ve noticed with plenty of folks, and is something that happens year after year! Given that staying fit and healthy should be a 365-day thing in order for it to be effective for weight-loss and to stay in peak form, how do you stay on course, and not get off-track? Well, we have a few answers that will help you crack this particular problem!how to stay motivated all year round

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Real reward:

At the start, it helps to give yourself a reward of some sort that will motivate you enough to go to the gym. Now, this reward could definitely differ from who you are, and what you prefer, but we do suggest that you keep it healthy for the most part. For instance, let it be that you can watch an episode of your favourite show, or even have an after workout protein shake in your flavour of choice after you hit the fitness centre. Keep this going for a while, so that hitting the gym or the fitness centre becomes a regular part of your routine. Soon, you will realise that the endorphins and the post workout ‘feel good’ factor will settle in, and you won’t need the reward any longer.

Real Reward


Having preset and tangible goals are another reason that will ensure that you are regular to the fitness centre. While setting these goals, make sure that they are definitely achievable and challenging too. Also, make sure they are measurable, so that you can track your progress. Now, once you’ve made tangible progress and gains, that will be motivation enough to push yourself further everyday.Goals


For some of us, having the right company such as a workout partner or friend/s can make all the difference! Unmistakably, there will be times during the year when you don’t quite feel up to hitting the gym – during times like these, your friend or workout partner could be the reason you push yourself to go anyway (as you don’t want to let them down). Also, you know there will be days when your fitness partner or friend feels the same way, and you will be the motivating factor for them.


Check progress:

As we’ve stated before, measuring your progress towards your goals could be an important factor in keeping you primed and motivated to keep fit throughout the year. So take a ‘before picture’ and note down your weight at the start. Then compare it with your ‘after picture’ every month, as well as your current weight and even how your clothes look on you now.before-and-after

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Get into a routine:

For some people, routine doesn’t quite matter, and they still manage to fit their workout into their day with ease. Still, for others, having a set routine of going to the fitness centre at a particular time in the morning or evening could make a huge difference. Sticking to this religiously will make sure that it becomes as habitual as brushing your teeth or showering everyday.

Get into a routine

Now, as you start out or have started out on your workouts for the year, we do encourage you to try one or all of these tips to keep your fitness going on full power all year round. Coz, tough days will come, and it’s tips like these that will help you stay fit and motivated throughout 2018!

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