Priyani Sharma

priyani-1Post-partum weight is the most difficult to lose and that was the challenge ahead of the marketing manager, Priyani Sharma. But, she accomplished her goal in an efficient manner, Congratulating her for her success Gympik aspires to assist more people like her and below are her words which will surely inspire others:



Anitha Nayak

anita-1Motivation and persistence is all what is needed to be successful in the journey of staying healthy and fit. Being a baker, Anitha Nayak needed the support of the people who care and thus, Gympik assisted her. Raising a toast for her achievements, we are happy to help her and many others.  Sharing her happiness Anitha quotes:


Ritika Pahwa

ritika-1When one has to choose between the best, Gympik drives one to the most adept. That is what we did for Ritika and she seems to be pleased by our efforts. Willing and happy to help, we cheer for Ritika’s success and are overwhelmed by her words:




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