Let’s assume that fitness for you isn’t only restricted to scrolling down your Insta feeds and double tapping! Well, we meant, it’s not just your thumb which should get the benefits of exercise, your entire body needs it too! If health and fitness for you is more than this, you would like to read this article to get some motivation and fitspiration to get going with your fitness journey. So, to start off, here is a list of fitness Instagrammers who with their training videos and pictures, will inspire you to hop out of the bed and nail your workout ditching the desk-bound activities and adapt a sweet sweaty, endorphin-driven day. With these top 10 Instagrammers, go whole hog to take your fitness to the next level!

Here goes the list for you!

  1. The Rock

This Fast and Furious and Baywatch actor is a fitness phenomenon who needs no introduction if you are one of the followers of WWF. Even if you are not, you still your way of knowing him has to be his Hollywood movies. He knows how to make it big just by taking care of his body, and hence, his workout ethics, the grueling sweat sessions and strict diet regimen can put you to shame and at the same time give you some major dose of motivation to reach the badass level of fitness.

  1. Gunnar Peterson

It’s on. @lakers @gatorade @underarmour

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A celebrity fitness trainer and an American personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson, has major contribution in shaping up the drool-worthy bodies like Sylvester Stallone, Jennifer Lopez, and the Kardashians, that take us by surprise. Being in the fitness industry for more than 20 years, Gunnar is widely known for his knowledge and proficiency in training according to each body. If you are looking for some solid fitness motivation or some guidance for the right postures, then this is the handle you should be following on Instagram.

  1. Jen Selter

Happy Friday!! I know it can be tough eating healthy and sticking to a clean diet when you’re busy and on the go! I have my go to items when I’m having a busy day, and I wanted to share some of them with you. There are plenty of healthy snack options, and nutritious meal replacements, that are quick and easy to prepare and will keep you feeling full, nourished, and energized. Some of my favorites are now up on the blog (link in bio!) I also wanted to share a few other tips for all you busy bees out there! 1?? Plan ahead! If you know you’re going to have a busy day, prepare your breakfast the night before! Overnight oats are a great option. 2?? Drink a lot of water. I’m always drinking water throughout the day? and it keeps me feeling filled and hydrated. 3?? Drink your greens! I love a fresh green drink because it helps me get my veggies in one shot. It’s a great option if you don’t like veggies or don’t have the time to prepare a hearty salad. If you’re going to take this route, choose green veggie options and limit the fruit to one or two. An apple for sweetness is key ? I’d love to hear some of your great tips for a quick and easy food on the go, so make sure you comment below!?

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Jennifer or ‘Jen’ as she’s fondly known as, is an American fitness model from NYC. She exactly knows how to upscale fitness when she had taken the internet by storm by showcasing her butt workout. Well, every girl, be a fitness enthusiast or not, would like to have a booty like her, ADMIT that! So, here gals, buck up and follow her on Instagram right away if you want your dream come true! If you are still not convinced, well, we don’t know what keeps her fan following growing to 11.6 million!

  1. Kenneth Gallarzo

Having a great time in Sri Lanka with @conor_cj_ ?????? back home to California April 12th!!!

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Kenneth is a world-class bodyweight instructor with some commendable feats of strength. Co-founder of World Calisthenics Organization, Gallarzo is also a fitness motivator, influencer and a kick-ass fitness coach who defies the concept of gravity as his moves are out-of-the-world. Don’t believe us? Look at his posts on Instagram which has 453k followers. His workout videos will show you the proper techniques to follow, the right exercises and the routine to put your workout in sync to achieve the muscle definition you’re looking for.

  1. Curtis Williams

#AlexCayley ’14 // #curtiswilliams #nyc #archives #lostfiles #meatpackingdistrict #trainingcamp #fitness #gymmotivation #nyc

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A former NFL athlete and Sports performance coach, Curtis Williams is also a member of the Armour Performance Training Council in NYC. His training videos are meant to challenge, empower and increase your stamina. With 38.1k followers on Instagram, Curtis’s workout programs are created to enhance athleticism and make your fitness regimen up a notch. This former Baltimore Ravens player not only shares his training videos, but he also has his own training programs that are designed to rip your body apart and get you the chiselled form.

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  1. Kayla Itsines

Be it fitness transformations, healthy meal prep, or workout techniques, Kayla’s Instagram profile has everything that you need to motivate yourself to take your workout to another level. This Australian beauty who is also a certified fitness trainer with more than 7.8 million followers on Instagram. If you are looking for some motivation to hit the gym with more strength, her Insta feeds will inspire and guide you to up your game.

  1. Ana Cheri

With a body to die for, Ana Cheri’s Instagram account oozes out the heat that’s difficult to handle if you are one of the fainthearted. A strong fitness enthusiast, a public figure and an entrepreneur shares her workout regimen, especially abs workout, sometimes workouts for bikini body. The delight of more than 10 million followers, it’s hard not to sneak into her account.

  1. Jeremy Scott

#throwbackthursday with my man Jason Swarr over at @straight8photo ~ Like most of you I started out in fitness for the vanity reasons because I wanted to look like all the action heroes I grew up watching; Arnold, Stallone, Van Damn and the being healthy aspect came in secondary to the “looks” …As we get older most of us realize the true reason we do this is to be healthy and have a better overall quality of life. The byproduct of living a healthier life is that you end up looking, moving, and feeling how you wanted to in the first place. My advice to you guys ~ don’t just chase the “looks” or vanity of fitness focus on living a truly healthier lifestyle and I can promise you the rest will work itself out. Have a most bad ass Thursday! #jeremyscottfitness #health #workoutmotivation #fitnessmotivation #menshealth #fitfam #fitness #personaltrainer #bemorehuman #arizona #az #phoenix #scottsdale #86400 #resistaverage #makesuccessmandatory #dips #abs #sixpack #tbt #fitstagram #fitspiration #fitspo

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A fitness enthusiast, author, speaker and athlete, this Arizona-based fitness coach, Jeremy Scott’s Instagram account is a must follow if you want to take up the challenge of putting the arduous work to get your body makeover done. When we say, ‘body makeover’ we absolutely mean everything about your body needs related to workout and diet. His account showcases his everyday workout and diets that he follows. And hence, he should be one of your favourites if you are ready to recreate yourself.

  1. Alexia Clark

It’s a lifestyle. When you really think about it fitness is in our every day life – no matter who you are our body needs to move. Basic, core, staple exercises mirror our daily movements. If we can train our mind and body to use the correct muscles our aches, pains and injuries would be so incredibly minimal. Everyone always asks me how long and how many days I workout – I workout once a day 7 days a week. These workouts are broken up into “training” days and “exercise” days. let me first state that everyone is different and everyone has different goals. I workout for a lifestyle. I don’t compete in any sport. I’m focused on making my mind and body feel the best it can. Now, pushing ourselves is important in a workout but doing that daily can cause over training. Exercise is recommended daily. I have days where I push myself and train hard and I have days I take it easy, do something fun and just get movement in. I’m a believer that blood flow is a great recovery for our body which is why I do these exercise days between training days. Your exercise can be anything you want it to be and you should make it fun and something you love to do whether that be hiking, yoga, playing with your kids at the park, swimming, biking, YOU NAME IT. – just as long as it gets your blood flowing. I love movement in the gym which is why I typically go there for my exercise days. I have never felt better mentally and physically than I do now by following this program. #alexiaclark #queenofworkouts #fitforareason #fitness #fitgirl #lifestyle #workout #inspire #motivation

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A Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist, Alexia Clark is the Queen of workouts and if you haven’t started following her on Instagram, then you should, immediately! Alexia’s posts are mostly about different types of exercises, be it with weight or without it. She loves to include different equipment for her workout, from dumbbells to battle ropes, from weight plate to medicine ball, and you are convinced to try those in your next workout session.

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  1. Hannah Eden

I’m sure if you start following her Instagram, you would like to get feeds quite frequently! An entrepreneur, the founder a personal group training program in Florida, PumpFit Club, Hannah keeps posting about excruciating full-body workouts that will not only melt away your fats but also help you rip your body apart.

So, go ahead and clean up your Instagram account and start following these Fitness Devils for some great feeds. What are you waiting for? Just check out your kind of motivation to take your fitness up a notch and workout like a beast to be the best! We’re sure you will be proud of yourself! Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. We’ll see you on the other side, till then, stay healthy, stay happy!


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