For women, being fit is more than about leading a healthy lifestyle. It’s about improved quality of life, going out on an adventure holiday trip like trekking along, do physical activities with ease. Even to keep up with the kids, women now need a certain level of fitness which can easily be achieved by adding few exercises daily. 

Women and Strength Training

Nowadays there is a lot of awareness among women with regards to fitness, and eating right. It’s altogether a new era. Women are now not afraid of lifting weights, and are much more aware. However, there are also women who are afraid of strength training thinking they might become like men whereas the reality is that due to the hormones estrogen and progesterone they will only tone their muscles which will give them a leaner look rather than becoming bulky or huge.  Some women now also take part in fitness competition as physique athletes, to name a few we have athletes like Sonali Swami and Ankita Singh from India, who have quit their software career and entered the fitness industry full-time turning their passion into profession.

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Women and Endurance

As per a study done by Dr. Brian Dalton of the University of British Columbia published in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism when it comes to strength endurance women are far superior than men. This means they can go on for a longer workout session and recover faster.  

Compared to the current scenario, women earlier were more physically active. Activities like carrying water from well, walking 5-6 km with water pot on their head, doing household chores, working on the field made sure that women then were physically a lot fitter than women of today. In fact, they possessed amazing multitasking skills. Hence there was no room for putting on weight, feeling lethargic, or having any of the many medical issues which today’s modern women face.  I feel that now whatever exercise women do in the gym are more or less a shadow of all the physical activities women did in the past.  It’s good news that now women are more interested in fitness, lifting weights almost like men and not shying away from it.

What More Should Women Do?

What women need is a well-rounded workout with a mix of strength training, body weight exercises, and, yoga. Pilates is really great and combining workouts is a great way to keep themselves fit and healthy whole day. This would also make the workouts more enjoyable and fun without allowing the body to get used to any one exercise as it would be receiving new stimulus every time. In turn this will help them carry out activities of daily living with much more ease.

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By regularly working out they can have all the hormones working in sync, go through a better pregnancy phase and later even losing weight post pregnancy would be easier as they worked out earlier which would lead to a better mind-muscle connection, a great CNS (central nervous system) adaptation.  In fact, women need to do more of strength training since they do not carry the hormone testosterone which is a major contributor in muscle-building.  Moreover, the strength training workouts will act as a saviour once they hit menopause, as bones start getting brittle and that’s where strength workouts will help them being insusceptible to fractures.

So, the takeaway here is regular exercises can prevent women from lifestyle disorders like anorexia nervosa, bulimia, medical conditions like PCOD, thyroid malfunctions which are very common now.  Strength exercises are fantastic in terms of increasing the bone mineral density, making the tendons and ligaments stronger, weight-bearing joints like hip, knee, and ankle get stronger.

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