It’s not a surprise that Instagram has become a primary platform for brands to reach out to a wider audience. The visual platter offered by this social media platform reaches out to every niche of scroll downs making it highly influential and marketing friendly. Making optimum use of Instagram can result in an outcome of potential clients and members for fitness centres. The best part? You don’t need to drop a dime to showcase an array of your services, a basic understanding of Instagram strategies and consistency is all you need.

These are top 7 Instagram strategies to give your Fitness Centre the fame it deserves:

#1 Make your profile speak:

It is important for your Instagram profile to talk about your brands, take the best advantage of basic profile features right from the beginning. Choose a username that has your brand name plus the domain. Example – Flex (brand name) + Fitness Centre (domain) this make the followers aware of your brand just by a glance. Add your services and USP in your bio, in a very minimal way. Using few words instead of sentences is the best practice. Lastly, don’t forget to add your website or contact details, so that the followers can approach you easily.

Instagram followers

#2 Post best quality content:

You have to make visuals appealing to the ever demanding Instagram audience. High quality and rich content is the best way to grow on Instagram. Always plan your content beforehand, making sure it’s of good quality, aesthetically pleasing and easy on eyes. A profile with a consistent content of quality tends to get a higher impression and reach on Instagram.

post for Instagram followers

#3 Hashtag your way to fame:

Hashtags on social media are like the search engine of its own, you click on one and get introduced to thousands of posts that fall under the same hashtag. Using relevant hashtags that goes with your brand will categorize your profile into the Instagram algorithm. It increases your reach and showcases your content to the people with similar choices. Example : Use hashtags like #fitness #health #musclebuilding #workout

#4 Find your niche:

It’s always a great idea to stick to your vibe to attract your tribe! Stick to your style, color scheme, tone or a filter. It makes your feed look aesthetic and uniform. Having a similar style forces your audience to scroll down further and interact more with your profile. Example – Nike, GoPro

Instagram aesthetics

#5 Before/After for inspiration:

There’s nothing more inspiring than a transformation picture, it gives hope, it grabs attention and increases the social credibility of your profile. You can post the before and after transformation pictures of celebrities of you can ask your followers to send you their pictures so that you can feature them. It makes your profile interactive and reaches out to the wider audience.

before and after

#6 Be interactive:

Always make your profile come across as an approachable brand, reply to comments, direct messages, like the post of people you’re following. It’s also advisable to appreciate the online presence of your competitors. It makes your brand look more humble and warm. Always remind your audience that there’s a human behind their screen who’s ready to help them out and provide services.

interactive instagram post

#7 Follow the trend:

Social media entirely thrives on the latest trends, make sure to keep a check on all the fitness and diet trends, it’s always better to serve your audience with the fresh gossip they’re looking for. Create posts for holidays, festivals and events that are concerned to the wider audience.

Instagram trends

Bonus tips!

  • Use the Instagram story feature to promote your membership offers & discounts
  • Encourage your gym clients by featuring them on your feed
  • Make hashtag based content like #MondayMotivation, #weekenddiaries, etc
  • Tag your followers wherever possible, do shoutouts! (yes, they still work)
  • Use best editing apps to bring out the best potential of your post

These are the following Instagram profiles you can check for quick feed inspiration:

  • @crossfit – Everything you need to know cross-functional training.
  • @roguefitness – A page for every S&C junkie out there!
  • @thewodlife – Apparels for the functional fitness superheroes.

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