Try asking any fitness club owner what they hate the most and in 8 out of 10 cases the answer will be paperwork. As the business grows and sales go through the roof, most fitness club owners find themselves absorbed in a sea of paperwork. Mundane tasks like record management, billing, payroll, and other administrative duties take up so much time that there remains little room for creativity or strategic thinking. However, we live at a time when the fitness market is booming and today more than any other time, fitness club owners have to think on the feet and be as creative as they can.

The Rising Competition In India’s Fitness Industry

The global health and fitness industry generates an estimated revenue of over 80 billion U.S. dollars each year. However, the number of clubs sharing this revenue is not static. In 2017, a survey reported that there were more than two hundred thousand health and fitness clubs across the world. This figure represents a 10 per cent increase in the number of health clubs reported globally since the year, 2014. With a projected compounded annual growth rate of 9.3% between 2018 to 2022, India’s fitness market is poised to see the number of fitness clubs go up in the coming years. The competition in India’s fitness club business is increasing. As a business owner, the question you might be facing now is how do you tackle the increasing competition in the industry, especially when you find yourself surrounded by ledgers and admin tasks? Well, most successful fitness club owners have already found the answer – Get a Club Management Software.

What Is A Club Management Software?

Club management software is a tool that been designed specifically to help fitness club owners and managers to cut through the clutter of administration by automating most of the repetitive tasks like records management, scheduling, attendance tracking, billing, etc. Most club management softwares today are all-in-one softwares that not only help the business owners manage members but also help them manage the staff performance and payroll. In fact, today many state-of-the-art Club Management Software like Traqade even come with built-in marketing tools. In short, Club Management Software is the answer to every fitness club owner’s prayer. You might also like to know what all a good club management software offers. Here is a list of what you can look for:

Process Automation: Automate the most repetitive and often time-consuming tasks of club management like billing, attendance tracking etc.

Centralised Member Database: Create a centralised member’s database that’s easy to access, manage and edit.

Staff Management: Track trainer schedule, manage staff attendance, payroll and evaluate your staff’s performance and efficiency.

Integrated Billing: Helps you manage member payments and invoices. Send automated reminders and overall simplifies the payment process.

Analytics & Reporting: Automate the process of generating reports. Use the data to get an accurate revenue forecast, predict members’ behaviour, and churn rate.

Mobile App: Increase client engagement with an intuitive mobile app that enables members to book classes, view their fitness journey, make payments, and do many more things at just a tap of a button.

Besides, an advanced club or gym management software can manage financial reporting, client attendance, automated reminders, marketing and referral campaigns, centralised member information storage and several other administrative tasks that take up a large chunk of your valuable time each day.

Key Reasons Why You Need Club Management Software

1. Save Time and Money

Whether you manage a fitness centre, gym, or yoga studio, you’d agree that there are a number of operational processes that eat up a lot of your time on a daily basis. Advanced all-in-one club management software like Traqade can automate several crucial yet time-consuming business processes such as membership renewals, lead generation, invoice processing, creating and managing class schedules, etc. Process automation can save you several hours each week. The time that you can spend on growing your business!

Apart from the extra time, most club management software also come equipped with powerful reporting tools which can help you visualise the data so that you can make informed business decisions. For example, the reports can also be very helpful in measuring the monthly customer churn rate which is basically the total customers you lost in the month divided by a total number of customers you had at the beginning of the month. A series of customised offers aimed at the at-risk customers can help you increase your member retention rate significantly.

Most club management softwares also offer a staff management module that you can use to track and analyse the performance of your staff as well as improve utilisation through a detailed overview of their work schedules, assignments and activities. All of this essentially translates into improved efficiency and thus more money.

2. Hassle Free Lead Management and Tracking

One of the biggest pain points for the fitness industry today is lead management. With a constant inflow of leads and enquiries, it is sometimes near impossible for the business owner to be constantly on top of each and every lead. This often results in missed opportunities and a lot of confusion for the business owners. This is where club management software can come in handy.

Modern club management software comes equipped with a plethora of features that not only help you manage the massive number of leads effectively, but they can also help you track the lead activities, lead qualification, lead nurturing through automated follow-up emails, SMS and even social media marketing. Club Management software can also take care of effective lead distribution by assigning the hottest leads to your sales team thus increasing your conversion rates from leads to members drastically while reducing manual work.

Effective lead management can improve your conversion rate as well as make the sales process more efficient by eliminating manual sorting of leads and inefficient communications to prevent lost leads. The club management software also helps you visualise the sales funnel and measure the overall conversion ratio.

3. Better Member Experience

Did you know that the dropout rate is more than 80 per cent in the first 8 weeks of joining a gym (as pointed out by The Guardian)? This number can and has been brought down drastically by fitness clubs who know how to engage their members effectively. Club management software with their associated mobile member apps can add a lot of value to a member’s fitness experience.

A good club management software can help members book fitness group-classes of their choice, engage with fellow gym goers, track their fitness journey and even participate in fitness contests. All of these not only keep the member engaged but also add a lot of value to their overall fitness journey by constantly presenting them with their achievements and failures.

Some club management software like Traqade helps you send personalised content to your member base, which will further increase their engagement and makes them feel valued. Not just that, you can also send your members personalised greetings on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and festivals which further strengthens your member’s loyalty towards your fitness club.

4. Powerful Reporting and Analytics

As a business owner, we are sure you would have made many decisions based purely on your instincts and intuitions. Some of those decisions would have paid off however, some might have cost you immense opportunities. This is why successful fitness club owners don’t just rely on gut feelings. Instead, they understand the value of data and reports.

Club management software not only helps you collect and store data but it also helps you generate a wide variety of reports. These reports can assist you to keep a track of factors like marketing spends, revenue generation, staff attendance, referral reports, member attendance reports, and lead reports among a plethora of other reports. Not only do these reports help you predict the future course of your fitness club but they can also potentially help you identify emerging trends so that you have the edge over your competitors.

Reports can also provide you valuable insights into member behaviours and help you identify those members who are at the risk of dropping out. Thus, they have a direct impact on your retention rate and revenue.

5. Enhance Upselling and Communication Opportunities

With the right management software, it is possible to track members who visit your gym frequently and those who rarely come. You can also ascertain the most popular classes, busiest times during the week, and other such metrics.

Put simply, with the help of a gym management software, you can know your members and communicate with them better through personalised greetings, automatic reminders, and tailored promotions.

A centralised database also makes it easier to reach out to your customers. Traqade allows you to create unlimited coupons and send emails to members to communicate these offers, leading to more sales. Besides, you get access to powerful analytics such as demographic details of your customers that can be utilised to create tailored marketing campaigns.

The Bottomline

As we have seen, there are several benefits of investing in a fitness club management software. In the face of increasing competition, the right club management software could be the key to improving sales and revenue through simplified sales, improved billing, and automated analytics for intuitive marketing opportunities.

Gympik offers you an all-in-one club management software, Traqade, that includes a comprehensive suite of services ideal for clubs of any expanse. The software is easy to use and requires zero technical training. The system is designed to empower gym, yoga, and all types of fitness studio owners to deliver a personalised experience to their members, adding immense value to the members’ fitness journey while automating the day-to-day admin tasks and reporting functions for enhanced operational efficiency.

Interested to know more? Sign up for a free demo now or call our team at 9886293577.

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